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#1 Posted : Sunday, February 5, 2017 4:57:29 PM(UTC)

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Civil Engineering - Software - Spreadsheets - Design Codes - eBooks - Tutorials

Đối với những người trong nghề thì đây là một kho tàng vô gía, nhưng với những người không cần tới thì chẳng có gía trị gì cả.
Download links tôi lượm từ trong net nên nếu links có chết thì tôi không có cách nào làm cho nó sống lại được!!!

A. Software:

CSi Computer and Structures Products:

>>> CSi SAP2000 v19.0.0
The SAP name has been synonymous with state-of-the-art analytical methods since its introduction over 30 years ago. SAP2000 follows in the same tradition featuring a very sophisticated, intuitive and versatile user interface powered by an unmatched analysis engine and design tools for engineers working on transportation, industrial, public works, sports, and other facilities.

>>> CSi Bridge 2017 V19.0.0
Modeling, analysis and design of bridge structures have been integrated into CSiBridge to create the ultimate in computerized engineering tools. The ease with which all of these tasks can be accomplished makes CSiBridge the most versatile and productive software program available on the market today.

>>> CSi ETABS 2015 v15.2.2
The innovative and revolutionary new ETABS is the ultimate integrated software package for the structural analysis and design of buildings. Incorporating 40 years of continuous research and development, this latest ETABS offers unmatched 3D object based modeling and visualization tools, blazingly fast linear and nonlinear analytical power, sophisticated and comprehensive design capabilities for a wide-range of materials, and insightful graphic displays, reports, and schematic drawings that allow users to quickly and easily decipher and understand analysis and design results.

>>> CSi ETABS 2016 v16.0.3
The innovative and revolutionary new ETABS is the ultimate integrated software package for the structural analysis and design of buildings. Incorporating 40 years of continuous research and development, this latest ETABS offers unmatched 3D object based modeling and visualization tools, blazingly fast linear and nonlinear analytical power, sophisticated and comprehensive design capabilities for a wide-range of materials, and insightful graphic displays, reports, and schematic drawings that allow users to quickly and easily decipher and understand analysis and design results.

>>> CSi Col 9.0.1
CSiCOL is a comprehensive software package used for the analysis and design of columns. The design of columns of any concrete, reinforced concrete, or composite cross-section can be carried out by the program. CSiCOL provides a 'Quick Design Wizard' tool that guides the users step-by-step, through the whole process of column design. This makes the design process simple, organized and efficient. The design can be carried out in accordance with ACI-318-11, ACI-318-08, ACI 318-05, ACI 318-02, ACI 318-99, BS8110, CSA A-23.3-04, CSA A23.3-94, Eurocode 2-2004 and IS 456-2000 codes.
Crack included:
CSi COL v9.0.1 Crack Steps:
• Run \echoid.exe You must see 'Locking code 1': 4-?????
• Run \licgen\CSICOL_kg.exe
• Enter above mentioned code (except '4-').
• Press enter. A license file will be generated -lservrc (without extention), copy it to the folder

>>> CSi SAFE 2016 v16.0.0
SAFE is the ultimate tool for designing concrete floor and foundation systems. From framing layout all the way through to detail drawing production, SAFE integrates every aspect of the engineering design process in one easy and intuitive environment. SAFE provides unmatched benefits to the engineer with its truly unique combination of power, comprehensive capabilities, and ease-of-use.
Password For SAFE 2016 v16.0.0 is "wxw.aportesingecivil.com" without qoutes.

CSi SAFE 2014 v14.2.0:

>>> CSiXRevit 2017
CSiXRevit is a plugin for Autodesk Revit® that enables bi-directional data transfer to CSI Software products: SAP2000®, ETABS® and SAFE®.
CSiXRevit supports four (4) main workflows of data transfer with Autodesk Revit®:•Exporting from Revit® to create a new CSI Software model.
• Exporting from Revit® to update an existing CSI Software model.
• Importing from CSI Software to create a new Revit® Model.
• Importing from CSI Software to update an existing Revit® Model.
Users have full control over what model data gets transferred and how that data gets mapped to equivalent objects in either software.•CSiXRevit v2017.0 is compatible with: ETABS (v13.1.1 and later), SAP2000 (v15.2.1 and later), SAFE 2014 (v14.0.0 and later), the API of Autodesk Revit® 2017 Build 20160225_1515 (x64)

>>> CSI PERFORM 3D v6.0.0
- PERFORM-3D has powerful capabilities for inelastic analysis, but it is not intended for general purpose nonlinear analysis.
- If you have no idea how your structure will behave when it becomes inelastic in a strong earthquake, PERFORM-3D can probably help you to identify the weak points, and hence can guide you in improving the design.
- However, PERFORM-3D is not intended for "design by analysis", where the engineer expects the analysis to determine exactly how a structure will behave.
- PERFORM-3D is a powerful tool for implementing displacement-based design and capacity design. It will help you to produce better designs, but it will not do the engineering for you.

How To Crack:
- Unrar and install the application.
- Use applied keygen. A license file - lservrc (without an extension) will be generated./
- Copy it to the folder: \PERFORM-3D6\PERFORM-3D6\Program\

>>> PCA StruturePoint Products
Here you are the all Products of StructurePoint with Crack in Single Direct Link
(SPslab - SPbeam - SPwall - SPcolumn - SPmats - SPframe)

>>> PROKON v3.0
PROKON is developed and supported by a team of professional engineers and intended for use by structural engineers and technicians... PROKON Structural Analysis and Design is a suite of over thirty structural analysis, design and detailing programs. The first PROKON programs were developed in 1989, and are now used worldwide in over eighty countries. The suite is modular in nature, but its true power lies in the tight integration between analysis, design and detailing
Prokon v2.6:
Prokin v3.0 Update Package (Prokon v2.6 is needed):
How to install:
(need VIP member to download crack)

#2 Posted : Sunday, February 5, 2017 5:04:48 PM(UTC)

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Bentley Products:

>>> Bentley STAAD.Pro SS6 V8i (
The popular method to create custom user reports has been updated so that it is now possible to include more detail of the analysis functions that have been introduced into STAAD.Pro over recent times such as Reference and Notional load cases.

>>> Bentley RAM Structural System CONNECT Edition
The RAM Structural System is a specialized engineering software tool for the complete analysis, design, and drafting of both steel and concrete buildings. It optimizes workflows through the creation of a single model by providing specialized design functions for buildings and by providing thorough documentation.

>>> Bentley ProStructures V8i SS8​
Based on standard platforms, ProStructures easily allows structural engineers, detailers and fabricators to create 3D models for both concrete and steel. ProStructures provides automatic creation of documentation, details and schedules. The open working environment and programming interface supports standardization of the program.

>>> RM Bridge CONNECT Edition
All-in-One Bridge System
RM Bridge Advanced follows an iterative modeling and analysis process that gives users remarkable flexibility in the bridge design process. It puts an end to costly start-over tasks that occur in midstream and has the added benefit of ensuring that an efficient and balanced project is delivered. This enables engineers to achieve extreme accuracy and go to unprecedented levels of analytical exploration and simulation. The software provides seamless support for required international design codes.

>>> Bentley MicroStation Connect Edition Update 3
MicroStation - the most productive, the most accessible and compatible CAD platform for the design, construction and operation of the world's infrastructure.
You are probably aware that 95% of the world's infrastructure is designed, constructed and maintained using DGN and DWG file formats. Using MicroStation users can directly edit content in both file formats at the same time. This capability makes MicroStation into a platform for interoperability, which is a mandatory attribute.

>>> Bentley LumenRT 16 CONNECT Edition
LumenRT empowers visual optioneering by providing “live,” real-time immersive interaction, animating infrastructure environments with traffic simulations, active characters, wind-swept plants, seasonal trees, rolling clouds, and rippling water. Through the “cinematic” quality of LumenRT scenes and the software’s intuitive, hands-on interface, every infrastructure professional can readily envision his or her proposed design alternatives as they would be experienced in actual operation.

>>> Bentley RAM Connection V8i SS6
This software offers the best flexibility for the design of different shear, moment, braces, splices and base plates connection types. It is based on the AISC, ASD and LRFD codes, and the British Standard. The standalone version works independently of any other software. Users can create their own connections and fit them to the requirements of their company.

>>> Bentley Limcon
Other new features:
Check to AISC LRFD and BS5950 options.
Other libraries bolt size and grade.
Branch Library Manager / bar input.
Mark in the virtual reality display View section and members.
Optional elastic / plastic analysis of joints and torque connections.
Supplement existing connections
Axial load of WSP, FEP and ACLT connection.
Limb shear wall in the axillary moment end plate connections.
Options splice plates and end plates 4-wire bolt torque.
More than two pages webs bolts.
More than two supporting splint bolts.
In support splint connection Check the connection plate and members.
The revised requirements for welding capabilities in the network side connection.
Additional license fee for each additional design code.

>>> Bentley STAAD Foundation Advanced CONNECT Edition v08.00.01.33
Get efficient foundation design and documentation using plant-specific design tools, multiple design codes with U.S. and metric bar sizes, design optimization, and automatic drawing generation. STAAD Foundation Advanced provides you with a streamlined workflow through its integration with STAAD.Pro or as a stand-alone application. You can design virtually any type of foundation, from basic to the most complex. •Easily model complex or simple footings, such as plant foundations supporting vertical vessels, horizontal vessels, tanks and other footings
•Quickly model common foundations such as isolated, combined, strip, pile caps, and many more
•Simplify challenging scenarios such as vibrating machine foundation, lateral analysis of piers, or mat design using FEA
•Efficiently use your structural model with the foundation model through integration with STAAD.Pro, including automatically synced changes in both models


#3 Posted : Sunday, February 5, 2017 5:06:02 PM(UTC)

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Bentley Hydraulics and Hydrology:

>>> Bentley WaterCAD CONNECT Edition​
WaterCAD is an easy-to-use hydraulic modeling application for the analysis, design, and operation of water distribution systems.

>>> WaterGEMS CONNECT Edition
WaterGEMS is an easy-to-use hydraulic modeling application for the analysis, design, and operation of water distribution systems.

>>> Bentley SewerCAD (SELECTseries 5) V8i​
Thousands of utilities and engineering firms around the world trust SewerCAD for sanitary sewer modeling and design to minimize capital investments.

>>> Bentley SewerGEMS V8i (SELECTseries 5)
SewerGEMS streamlines the modeling process to give engineers more time to design, analyze, and operate sanitary or combined conveyance sewer systems.

>>> Bentley CivilStorm V8i (SELECTseries 5)
CivilStorm provides an easy-to-use environment for engineers to analyze, design, and operate stormwater systems.

>>> Bentley StormCAD V8i (SELECTseries 5)
​StormCAD provides stormwater professionals with advanced tools to effectively deliver high-quality storm sewer design with lower capital investment.

>>> Bentley Hammer Connect Edition​
HAMMER makes the complex tasks of locating potential trouble spots and determining appropriate surge control strategies much easier.

#4 Posted : Sunday, February 5, 2017 5:07:31 PM(UTC)

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Trimble Products:

>>> Trimble Tekla Structures v21.1 SR6
Tekla Structures software is a building information modeling (BIM), which allows you to create accurate, detailed, easy to construct 3D models from any material and any complexity and manage them.Models Tekla Structures can be used throughout the construction process from design to fabrication, erection and construction management.

>>> Trimble Tekla Structures v2016i SP1
Trimble introduced new software version of Building Information Modeling (BIM) — Tekla Structures 2016, with New User Interface and Advanced Information Utilization.
Tekla Structures, the most advanced BIM software, makes accurate, constructible modeling of any steel or concrete structure possible. The new software version provides even more efficient modeling, allowing increased productivity by avoiding costly errors more easily in the fabrication and construction phases. The software is available and supported in 17 languages; Korean is also now available with this release.

>>> Trimble Tekla Structural Designer 2016
Tekla Structural Designer is revolutionary software that gives engineers the power to analyze and design buildings efficiently and profitably.
Fully automated and packed with many unique features for optimized concrete and steel design, Tekla Structural Designer helps engineering businesses to win more work and maximize profits. From the quick comparison of alternative design schemes through to cost-effective change management and seamless BIM collaboration, Tekla Structural Designer can transform your business.

>>> Trimble Tekla Tedds 2016 v18.01
Tekla Tedds is powerful software to automate your repetitive structural calculations.
Choose from one or more of our regularly updated calculation libraries or write your own, and create professional documentation every time. Combine your structural calculations with 2D frame analysis.
Tedds 2016 includes a new and fully integrated 2D frame analysis application along with many new and enhanced calculations to British Standards, Eurocodes and US, Canadian and Australian design codes. It is twice as fast as its predecessor and compatible with Microsoft Word 2016.
How To Crack:
- Unrar and install the application.
- Choose option 'Local. Computer Locked' while installing.
- Install update (manually or via internet).
- Run applied license generator as admin.
- Licence file (Local.teklalicdb) will be automatically created in the folder:
- Start the app.

#5 Posted : Sunday, February 5, 2017 5:08:38 PM(UTC)

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MIDAS Products:

>>> Midas Gen 2015
Midas Gen provides linear and nonlinear structural analysis capabilities. A large collection of finite elements has been implemented for applications in civil and building structures. The program’s efficient analysis algorithms yield exceptional versatility and accurate results appropriate for practical design applications.
64-bit crack: hxxp://uploadboy.me/zg8au65spj8n/emx64.zip.html
32-bit crack: hxxp://wxw.mediafire.com/download/ggt54397uz2kogc/em.rar

>>> Midas Design+ 2015
Midas Design+ is a collection of handy structural component design and detailing tools, which are easy to use and speed up the day-to-day design process. midas Design+ is developed to be simple, fast and accurate.

>>> Midas Civil 2011
Combining structural analysis capabilities with civil engineering specific stage analysis, pushover analysis and nonlinear time history features, midas Civil provides the necessary tools for advanced modeling, analysis and design for the bridge engineer. Features include RC, steel, PSC bridge design, suspension and cable-stayed bridge analysis, construction analysis and heat of hydration analysis, just to name a few.

#6 Posted : Sunday, February 5, 2017 5:10:49 PM(UTC)

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Other Products:

>>> ADAPT Builder 2015 build 2015.0.032515
For over 30 years, engineers worldwide have relied on ADAPT's industry leading software solutions to achieve the highest levels of design productivity and accuracy in their projects. Since 1981, ADAPT has been the most popular and recognized software for the design of post-tensioned concrete. Now, ADAPT is as widely used for the design of conventionally reinforced concrete structures.

>>> GeoStudio 2012 v8.15.1.11236
GeoStudio Basic Edition includes elementary features of SLOPE/W, SEEP/W, SIGMA/W, QUAKE/W,TEMP/W, CTRAN/W, AIR/W and VADOSE/W for solving slope stability and related geotechnical analyses .

>>> Graitec Advance 2016 (Graitec Advance Super Bundle 2016)
GRAITEC, an international BIM and CAD software developer for AEC and all round structural industry specialist, is pleased to announce the launch of its new GRAITEC Advance 2016 suite featuring 2 new products: a new powerful extension for Autodesk Revit and a new cutting edge steel production MIS system.
Torrent download:

How To Crack:
- Unrar and install the app and the license server (if you do not have installed it yet).
- Install updates.
- Replace original files with the patched ones: folder \patch\Common_files_x64\ to <program.files>\Common Files\Graitec\ folder \patch\Common_files_x86\ to <program.files(x86)>\Graitec\License Server\Bin\ folder \patch\LicenseServer\ to <program.files(x86)>\\Graitec\License Server\
- Start lmtools and configure flexlm server with the applied license (grtclic2016.dat) file.
- Add the registry value: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\FLEXlm License Manager]
"GRAITEC_LICENSE_FILE"="7621@WilliamsPC" where WilliamsPC is your real PC name.
- Start the app first time and choose option 'I want to connect to My Company's license server' and enter: host: <your PC name> port: 7621​

>>> Sofistik v23
Finite Element Design Software•Building and Steel Construction
• Bridge design
• Tunneling and Geo-techniques
• Dynamics
• Light weight structures / Membranes

How To Crack:
1. Create manually the folder where the Sofistik will be installed (for example in my case, I went to "D:\Program Files" and created folder "SOFiSTiK"
2. Copy the file "name.nam" from "Patch.23" folder to "D:\Program Files\SOFiSTiK" folder.
3. Run the "setup.exe" from "win32" folder. Choose "Full installation" type. When asked for the installation destination folder, type:
"D:\Program Files\SOFiSTiK" (or any other folder you defined in step 2)
4. When asked to choose the "Module" pick "Select modules from NAME.NAM". Finish the installation.
5. A HASP installation wizard will appear. Install it, by just clicking: next, next ... then Finish
6. Copy all files from "Patch.23" folder to C:/.
7. Open Command Prompt from Programs > Accessories > . Right Click and select Command Prompt "run as Administrator".
8. Type "cd\" in command prompt.
9. Start Typing following lines in the COmmand Prompt: (These lines can be obtained by Right click "Sofistik23.bat" file and select "Edit".)
net stop hardlock
regedit /s 77c2.reg
copy mylock.fst %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\
copy %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\hardlock.sys %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\hardlock.bak
del /Q %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\hardlock.sys
copy HARDLOCK.SYS %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\
net start hardlock

>>> Nemetschek SCIA Engineer 2015 v15.3
As part of the company's plan to accelerate the release of new technology, SCIA, a global leader in structural design software that supports the BIM process and member of the Nemetschek Group, has released 15.3.120 version of SCIA Engineer 2015. This is the third release of the company’s flagship 3D structural design software. SCIA Engineer 15.3 is a service release focusing foremost on quality improvements and fixes.
SCIA Engineer is an integrated, multi-material structural analysis and design software for all kinds of projects. Its wide range of functionality make it usable for all kinds of projects: design office buildings, industrial plants and bridges, all within the same easy-to-use environment.

>>> Primavera P6 Professional 15.1
Oracle has released Primavera P6 15.2 for both P6 Professional and of course, P6 EPPM. For those that want to skip the details and just go to the highlights, here’s a list of the new features and functions in both versions of Primavera P615.2.

>>> ZWCAD ZW3D 2017 v21.00
ZW3D, an integrated CAD/CAM solution designed for the complete product development process, features the fastest kernel for Solid-surface Hybrid Modeling, non-solid mold parting and smart CNC Machining tactics from 2 axis to 5 axis. It brings customers endless benefits such as reduced costs, optimized design workflow and improved efficiency.

>>> Geosolve GWALL 2014 v3.02, SLOPE 2014 v12.04, WALLAP 2013 v6.05
GWALL (Gravity and Cantilever Wall Analysis Program) analyses a wide range of retaining wall problems including gravity walls and cantilever walls with a base.
SLOPE is a program for analysing the stability of slopes. The program is also applicable to earth pressure and bearing capacity problems. Optional facilities are available for the analysis and design of reinforced soil.
WALLAP is a program for analysing the stability of cantilevered and propped retaining walls. WALLAP is suitable for the analysis of both temporary works, such as sheet pile walls, and permanent works such as reinforced concrete diaphragm walls and contiguous bored pile walls.

>>> Geocentrix ReWaRD v2.5.9.17
Geocentrix ReWaRD is one of the leading programs for the design of embedded retaining walls, incorporating several UK and international design standards including BS 8002 and Eurocode 7.
Designed by engineers for engineers, ReWaRD draws upon the technical expertise of Geocentrix to produce the most powerful and user friendly set of tools for retaining wall design.

>>> GGU – Software for Geotechnical Calculations
The geoengineering software suite developed by GGU comprises 49 program applications covering a wide range of applications in geotechnical design, site investigation and laboratory analysis. The programs are used by geotechnical, structural and general consultants, site investigation firms, design offices, government agencies and universities.
Familiarization with the programs is very quick because of the consistent and user friendly Windows interface of all programs. Each program is provided with easy-to understand user manuals. A support hotline is also available for technical assistance.
All programs are WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get), ensuring ophisticated report quality output in Windows true-type fonts. Color output and bitmap graphics are supported. Output from all GGU programs can be "cut and paste" into other Windows programs such as word processors and spreadsheets.

1. copy the file "UARONIJYECR9M.HIX" to c:\windows
2. Copy/overwite the file "GGU-SS-Flow2D.exe" with the one provided

>>> GEO5
Analytical methods of computation allow users to design and check geotechnical structures quickly and with high efficiency. GEO5 geotechnical analytical package is offered as a complement to DIANA software, which is based on the finite element method. Using both tools allows increasing design safety by comparing two independent solutions.The GEO5 analytical package is designed to solve various geotechnical problems and design checks including Eurocode7. The powerful and easy-to-use package consists of individual programs with a consistent graphical interface. Each program is used to analyze a different geotechnical task but all modules communicate with each other in order to form the integrated package. GEO5 suite covers the following geotechnical problems•Foundation Design
• Sheet piling design
• Retaining Wall Design
• Stability Analysis
• Settlement analyses
• Digital Model of Terrain (DTM)
hxxps://wxw.civilax.com/geo5-v16-software-manual/ (must be a VIP member to download)
Geo5 Manual:

>>> Bentley GeoStructural Analysis v19.00.39.00
Bentley Systems, Incorporated, the leading company dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure, announced has released an update for Geotechnical Software 2014, is a comprehensive integrated suite that addresses a wide range of geotechnical and analysis challenges including shoring excavation, retaining walls, foundation, settlement, slope stability, tunnels, pilling, and more.The integrated modules share a common workflow that allows easy review of alternate designs that conform to industry standards and specifications, as well as analysis by discrete construction stages, various analysis scenarios, or evaluation of analytical solution versus Finite Element Method (FEM) solution of the same geotechnical problem.Bentley’s geotechnical software is designed by experienced engineers who fully understand the standards and requirements that facilitate high-quality data management, reporting, and analysis in the industry.Bentley provides the following geotechnical design & analysis offerings.

>>> Bentley GeoStructural Analysis (incl. Finite Element Analysis) v19.00.41.00
Bentley Systems, Incorporated, the leading company dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure, announced has released an update for Geotechnical Software 2014, is a comprehensive integrated suite that addresses a wide range of geotechnical and analysis challenges including shoring excavation, retaining walls, foundation, settlement, slope stability, tunnels, pilling, and more.The integrated modules share a common workflow that allows easy review of alternate designs that conform to industry standards and specifications, as well as analysis by discrete construction stages, various analysis scenarios, or evaluation of analytical solution versus Finite Element Method (FEM) solution of the same geotechnical problem.Bentley’s geotechnical software is designed by experienced engineers who fully understand the standards and requirements that facilitate high-quality data management, reporting, and analysis in the industry.Bentley provides the following geotechnical design & analysis offerings.

>>> LimitState GEO 3.2e.19333 (x86/x64)
LimitState:GEO is the revolutionary geotechnical stability analysis software that can be used to rapidly determine the critical failure mechanism and margin of safety for any type of problem.
LimitState:GEO is a single, general-purpose geotechnical stability analysis product.
​Examples of the many applications of the software include:
• Footings / foundations
• Cantilever stem walls
• Reinforced soil Slope stability
• Seismic forces
• Gabion walls Gravity retaining walls
• Deep excavations

>>> GEO SLOPE GeoStudio 2012 v8.15.1.11236
GEO-SLOPE GeoStudio - software package for the solution of geotechnical problems and modeling of ground structures. Dunns package consists of 8 products: SLOPE / W - slope stability analysis;QUAKE / W - dynamic analysis of earthquake; AIR / W - analysis of the air flow; SEEP / W - analysis of the seepage of ground water; TEMP / W - the geothermal analysis; VADOSE / W - analysis of the aeration zone and analysis of soil; SIGMA / W - analysis of the stress-strain state; CTRAN / W - Analysis of pollution transport.GeoStudio is a product suite for geotechnical and geo-environmental modeling, broad enough to handle all your modeling needs. The suite consists of 8 products: SLOPE / W for slope stability; SEEP / W for groundwater seepage; SIGMA / W for stress-deformation; QUAKE / W for dynamic earthquake; TEMP / W for geothermal; CTRAN / W for contaminant transport; AIR / W for air flow;VADOSE / W for vadose zone & covers.
This download includes 8 Products:
for slope stability analysis
for groundwater seepage analysis
for stress-deformation analysis
for dynamic earthquake analysis
for geothermal analysis
for contaminant transport analysis
for air flow analysis
for vadose zone & soil cover analysis


• Unrar and install the app.
• Copy file \patch\licensce.lic to the folder: C:\ProgramData\GEO-SLOPE\Licenses\
• Create this path if needed.
• Copy all other files from \patch\ folder to the folder:<installdir>\GeoStudio 8\Bin\

>>> GeoStru Products 2016 MegaPack
The downhole seismic method (DH) measures the time taken for the P and S waves to move between a seismic source located on the surface of the ground, and the receivers, placed inside a borehole. Once entered the information for the project, the depth reached and the travel times, we can get: The distances from source to receiver; Corrected travel times; Speeds of P and S waves;Some important geotechnical parameters; The travel time graph with seismic layers from which can be determined the average velocity in each layer, some average geotechnical parameters and VS30; The graph of P and S waves interval velocity and definition of seismic layer; Graphics relating to geotechnical parameters, derived for each interval; The stratigraphy of the borehole; The final report.

>>> GEOPAK Civil Engineering Suite V8i (SELECTSeries 4)
Bentley Systems Incorporated, the leading company dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure, has released the V8i (SELECTSeries 4) version of GEOPAK Civil Engineering Suite and releted products - its a Civil Engineering Road Design Software for Designing and Sustaining Transportation Infrastructure.Bentley’s GEOPAK Civil Engineering Suite gives engineers the flexibility to work the way they want with the power they need to complete their infrastructure projects. It provides complete drafting capabilities, powerful mapping tools, and design automation for civil transportation professionals. GEOPAK features constraint-driven, 3D parametric modeling with an innovative approach to designing civil components in a total-project context.
For civil engineering, road design, and land development, discover Power GEOPAK, Bentley’s new standalone extension of GEOPAK Civil Engineering Suite V8i. Power GEOPAK includes MicroStation 3D CAD capabilities, Bentley Map functionality, and integration with ProjectWise – all to better serve your environmental remediation, resurfacing, restoration, and rehabilitation transportation needs.

>>> RUNET BETONexpress 2017
​RUNETsoftware is developing structural design software for Civil engineers and Architects. The programs deal with both finite element and dynamic analysis and utilize CAD and CAM methods.
With BETONexpress you can easily design structural elements of reinforced concrete. For each structural element, you specify the basic dimensions, loads and material properties, and you obtain the detailed concrete design in ultimate limit state (ULS), and in serviceability limit state (SLS).
The dimensioning is according to Eurocode 2, EN 1992-1-1:2004, Design of concrete structures, General rules and rules for buildings, with supplement of Eurocode 7, EN 1997-1:2004, Geotechnical design – General rules, for geotechnical analysis (footings, retaining walls), Eurocode 0, EN 1990:2002, for load combinations, and Eurocode 8 for seismic loading.
The last EN versions of the Eurocodes are implemented. You can comute also the capacity of slab, beams and column strengthened with FRP (fibre-reinforced polymers). Regular and light weight aggregate concrete included.
The program's CAD modulus automatic generates detailed drawings of the structure and the reinforcement. A combined detailed report and reinforcing steel schedule is produced for the designed concrete components. Assumptions and references to design codes are shown in the report. The reinforcing steel schedule can be edited with a specialised editor which is included. The user can select the applicable National Annex. The design code parameters, as well as default values, can be adjusted by the user. Design Charts and Tables for use and understanding of Eurocode 2 are included n the program. In addition a set of engineering tools (unit conversion, computation of areas, moments of inertia, standard steel sections etc.) are included in the program.

- Install the application as demo version.
- Install the update to the same dir.
- Copy \patch\*.* to the installed folder

>>> Plaxis 2D
PLAXIS 2D is a powerful and user friendly finite element package intended for two-dimensional analysis of
deformation and stability in geotechnical engineering and rock mechanics. PLAXIS is used worldwide by top engineering companies and institutions in the civil and geotechnical engineering industry. Applications range from excavations, embankment and foundations to tunnelling, mining and reservoir geomechanics.

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AutoDesk Products 2017:

Nếu qúy vị chờ tới tháng 3, 2017 thì Autodesk sẽ ra lò AutoCAD 2018 Products.
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A spreadsheet is a computer application that simulates a paper worksheet where becoming increasingly popular in solving engineering related problems. Among the strong features of spreadsheets are their instinctive cell-based structure and easy to use capabilities. Excel, for example, is a powerful spreadsheet with VBA robust programming capabilities that can be a powerful tool for teaching civil engineering concepts.

Spreadsheets can do basic calculations such as cost estimates, schedule and cost control, and markup estimation, as well as structural calculations of reactions, stresses, strains, deflections, and slopes. Spreadsheets can solve complex problems, create charts and graphs, and generate useful reports. This paper highlights the use of Excel spreadsheet and VBA in teaching civilengineering concepts and creating useful applications.

Civilax provide Excel Spreadsheets for Civil & Structural Engineers for structural design.

All spreadsheets that you can download are fully functional. However all spreadsheet are premium spreadsheets where you cannot download for Free. But we provide it free for our VIP Members.
This collection includes following spreadsheets under following categories:

- Geotechnical design
- Structural R/F concrete
- Structural steel design & detailing
- Bridge design
- Timber design
- Structural dynamics
- Wind load calculation
- Hydraulics and Hydrology

Civil Engineering Spreadsheets:
• Abutment Column Design
• ACI 318-08 Rec Sec. Mx -Q-Torsion Design
• ACI 350 & ACI224R-01 Rectangular Section Flexural Crack Width Control
• ACI 350.3-06 Seismic Loads for Liquid-Containing Rectangular RC Tank
• AISC-ASD89 calculation for Beam-Column member
• Analysis for Flat roof systems in structural steel
• Analysis of Pile Groups with Rigid Caps
• Anchor Reinforcement
• Anchor Reinforcement Metric Version
• Appendix D - Anchor Bolt Anchorage
• Appendix D - Anchor Bolt Anchorage AC! 318
• Application for Generation of Height Span Charts Gable Frame Sheds
• ASCE 7-10 Load Combinations
• ASCE71OW - ASCE 7-10 Code Wind Analysis Program
• Axial load capacities of single plates per AISC
• Beam Investigation
• Beaming Capacity for 2006 International Building Code
• Bored Piles Wall and Ground Anchors
• Bridge Concrete Deck Design
• Bridge Design and Analysis
• Calculator assessment of timber structures to AS1720
• Calculator for assessment of cold formed steel structures to AS4600
• Calculator for assessment of steel structures to AS4100
• Calculation of Plane Truss
• Cold Formed Steel Sheds Australia Height Span Limits of C-Sections
• Composite Column
• Concrete Beam Design (CSA A23.1-94)
• Concrete slabs on grade
• Concrete Special Structural Wall ACI 318-08
• Corbel
• Corbel Design (CBDM)
• Design of Prestressed Double Tee Beams
• Design of RCC Trench
• Earthquake Lateral Forces
• Elastomeric Bearing Design
• Foundation Support of a Tank
• Gable Canopy to Australian Codes
• IBC 2006 Seismic Calculation
• IBC2000E - Seismic loading analysis for buildings and various non building structures
• IBC2003E - Seismic loading analysis for buildings and various non building structures
• IBC2006E - Seismic loading analysis for buildings and various non building structures
• IBC2009E - Seismic loading analysis for buildings and various non building structures
• Loads Beam Slab and Spread Footing
• Loads beneath Rigid Pile Caps or Rafts
• Mast - Supporting Guyline
• Member Design - Reinforced Concrete Beam B58110
• Micropile Structural Capacity Calculation
• PCI Stud Tension Breakout
• Pile design
• Prestressed Girder Design
• RC Element Design to Indian Standards
• RC Rectangular Section Design to BS811O Part 1 & 2
• Re Bars
• Re Bars (318 -05)
• Re Bars (318-08)
• Re Bars (318M-05)
• Rectangular HSS & Box Shaped Members
• Rectangular HSS & Box Shaped Members - Combined Bending Shear and Torsion
• Rectangular Section Flexural Crack Width Control
• Reinforced Concrete Staircase ACI-318-08
• Reinforced Concrete Circular Columns
• Reinforced Concrete Pad Footing AS3600 Compliant
• Reinforced Concrete Rectangular Columns
• Reinforced Concrete Sections to BS 8007
• Retaining Wall Calculation
• Retaining Wall Design
• Retaining Walls
• Roof Deck
• Sheet Piling
• Slab Design Base on BS Code
• Snow Loading on FLat Roof
• Soil Bearing Capacity Calculation
• Standard hook bars in tension for AC! 318-08
• Steel Roof and Floor Deck
• Stresses Beneath Pads Under Eccentric Loads
• UBC97 Earthquake Lateral Forces
• US Steel Sheet Pile Design
• X-bracing Design
• All Structural Section Tables
• Beam on Elastic Foundation Analysis
• Concrete Design
• Design of Structural Elements
• Engineering with the spreadsheets
• Footing Design
• GoBeam
• International Lateral Loads
• Lateral Programs
• Masonry Design
• Misc Spreadsheets
• Other Structural Spreadsheets
• RC Stair design according to BS 8110
• RC Spreadsheet v1
• RC Spreadsheet v3
• RC Spreadsheet v4a
• Response Spectrum Workbook
• Steel Design Spreadsheets
• Structural Design Spreadsheets
• Structural Tool Kit 3.37
• UBC Seismic Calculations
• WSBeam
• AC1318-08 RC Beam
• Aluminum Capacity Design
• Aluminum Rectangular Tube Design
• Beam Analysis Spreadsheet
• Beam Analysis Spreadsheet (Metric)
• Beam Design Functions
• Beam Reactions
• Beam with stress
• Beams
• Beams on Elastic Foundation
• BS 5950 Circular Hollow members
• Built-in beam with 2 symmetric point loads
• Checking Steel Members with Various Reinforcements
• Continuous Beam Analysis (up to 4 spans)
• Continuous Concrete Beams
• Crane Design Guide to BS5950
• Curved Beams
• Design of Rectangular Column
• EC3 Calculations
• Enhanced Beam Analysis and Design
• Flexure and Torsion of Single Angles
• FRP Reinforcement of RC Beams & Slabs
• Grating Aluminum Beam Design
• Historic 1939 UK Steel Section Properties
• Indian Steel Sections
• Influence lines in continuous beam

Structural Details:
• AISC-LRFD HSS Bracing Punch Plate Connection
• AISC-LRFD-HSS-Virendeel Connections
• AISC-Weld calculation for built up beams
• Analysis and Design of Steel Columns & Beams
• Analysis of steel beam end connections using double clip an
• Analysis of steel beams subject to concentrated loads
• Analysis of Steel Column Base Plate
• Anchor Bolt anchorage
• Angle Seat Detail
• Angle Section Properties
• Angle type tension fitting
• Base Plate analysis
• Bolted Connection Angle Brace Tension
• Bolted End Plate Splice Apex Connection of Portal Frame
• Calculation for mixed concrete-wood floor
• Channel type tension fitting
• Check of Tubular Members as per API RP2A - LFRD Code
• Beam Connections using clip angle
• Coped W-Beam seat
• Dayton-Shear-Reinforcement-System-For-Round-Columns
• Dayton-Shear-Reinforcement-System-For-Square-Columns
• Deck Slab
• Design of anchorage for underground storage tanks
• Design of Moment Connection
• Design of Plate Elements
• Design of Spread Footing
• Embedment Strength of stud plate
• Gusset Plate Connection for Truss
• Load Combinations
• Mast Design
• Member Design - Steel Beam Column design to BS5950
• Method of Jet Grouting
• Monorail Design
• Offshore Tubular Joints Punch Check as per API-WSD
• Plates straps and rivets
• Pole Foundation IBC 2003
• Pre-Cast Column Connection Design
• Precast Concrete Plank
• Rectangular Spread Footing Analysis
• Rectangular Steel Bar Design
• Roof Purlin Design
• Semi-Circular Tension Fitting
• Shackle Calculations
• Shear Friction ACI 318-02
• Shear Lug Design
• Simple Shear Connection Design AISC
• Snap Fit Beam Calculator
• Spread Footing_vl.04
• Stair Stringer Design
• Steel Beam Bearing Plate Design
• Steel Beam End Connection Design
• Steel Beam with Web Openings
• Steel Reinforcing Platefor Masonry
• Stress in a plate due to a point load
• Two-Way Slab Design to BS 8110

Geotechnical Spreadsheets:
• Account The Shear Size Of Bored Piles
• Analysis of a sheet pile wall
• Analysis of a slip on a long natural slope
• Analysis of Gabions
• Axial and Lateral Load Piles (FEM)
• Bearing Capacity
• Bore Pile Design BS 8004
• Bored Pile Deep Foundation
• Bored Piles For The Analysis of Layered Soil
• Boring Log
• Cantilever retaining wall analysis
• Concrete Box Culvert analysis and Design
• Drained Strip Foundation En1997
• Immediate Pad Footing Settlement
• Lateral pressure against retaining wall due to surcharge loads
• Pile Capacity Calculation
• Reinforced Retaining Wall Design
• Simple Geotechnics Calculations
• Soil Arching - Braced Excavations
• Surcharge Loads Tips - 2
• Surcharge Loads types
• Surcharge Point Loads
• Tunnel Design - Initial Support with Steel Liner Plate
• Wall Pressure Analysis

Finite Element Method (FEM) Spreadsheets
• 2D Frame Analysis
• Beam Analysis with FEM
• Bolt Connection Analysis with FEM
• Excel FEM_2D (for Excel 2003)
• Excel FEM_2D (for Excel 2007 & Excel 2010)
• Excel FEM_3D (for Excel 2003)
• Excel FEM_3D (for Excel 2007 & Excel 2010)
• Truss Analysis with FEM

PASSWORD = www.civilax.com

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C. Design / Building Codes

US Standards

• ACI (American Concerete Inistitute) Collection

• ACI Manual Of Concrete Practice (MCP 2013)

• AISC Manual of Steel Structures Companion Original CD (13th Edition)

• AISC Detailing of Steel Structures

• AISC Design Guides

• ASTM 2014 Standards - 14246 files - 4.23 GB:

• AWS Specifications and Standards

British Standards Complete Collection


• Other BS Codes









• BS A


• BS


• DD

• PD


Other Country Design Codes:

• Eurocode (Standards 10 Types)

• German National Annexes To The Eruocodes

• ABNT Brazilian National Standards (Padrões Nacionais brasileiros)

• Ecuador Standards: Structural and Seismic Codes

• Colombian Standards for Seismic Design

• Venezuela Standards for Structural and Seismic Design

• National Structural Code of the Philippines 2010

• National Building Code of India 2005

• Indian Standards >>>> DEAD link <<<<

• Australian Standards for Civil Engineers

• New Zealand Building Code Handbook

• Iraqi Building Code Requirements for Reinforced Concrete

• Saudi Building Codes

• The Qatar National Construction Standards 2010

• UAE Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice

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D. eBooks

Bridge Engineering Books​
(Codes, Manuals, Specification for Bridge Design, Construction and Maintenance)

• AASTHO Horizontally Curved Steel Girder Highway Bridges
• Bridge Design Aids
• Bridge Design Manual LRFD
• Bridges Hydraulics
• Design of Highway Bridges
• PCI Bridge Design Manual
• Prestessed Bridges
• Cable Vibrations in Cable-Stayed Bridges
• Structural Bearings and Expansion Joints for Bridges
• Workshop on Bridge Design to Eurocodes
• Design Manual For Roads And Bridges - Loads For Highway Bridges
• 10th International Bridges and Structure Management
• 9th International Bridge Management Conference
• A Design Mmanual for Small Bridges
• A Guide to Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Trail Bridges
• A Guide to The Construction of Segmental Bridges
• AAHSTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications (5th Edition)
• AASHTO - Guide Speccifications for Design of Pedestrian Bridges
• AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications (2007) (SI)
• AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications (6th Eition) (2012 US)
• AASHTO Maintenance Manual for Roadways and Bridges (4th Edition)
• AASHTO Standard Specifications for Highway Bridges (17th Edition)
• Accelerated Bridge Construction - Best Practices and Techniques
• Analysis and Design of Reinforced Concrete Bridges
• Analysis of Box Girder and Truss Bridges
• Application of Precast Deck and Other Elements to Bridge Structures
• Bailey Bridge
• Best Practices In Bridge Management Decision Making
• Bridge Aeroelasticity - Sensitivity Analysis and Optimum Design
• Bridge Aesthetics Around the World
• Bridge Bearings and Expansion Joints
• Bridge by Peter Bishop
• Bridge Construction Methods
• Bridge Construction Practices using Incremental Launching
• Bridge Construction
• Bridge Construction
• Bridge Deck Behaviour
• Bridge Decks Design, Construction, Rehabilitation, Replacement
• Bridge Design Code (Vol 1)
• Bridge Design for Economy and Durability
• Bridge Design Manual
• Bridge Design to Eurocodes - Worked Examples
• Bridge Design to Eurocodes
• Bridge Design to the Eurocodes - Simplified Rules for use in Student Projects
• Bridge Design
• Bridge Desk Analysis
• Bridge Engineering (Highway Bridge Structures)
• Bridge Engineering - Construction and Maintenance
• Bridge Engineering - Design, Rehabilitation, and Maintenance of Modern Highway Bridges
• Bridge Engineering - Seismic Design
• Bridge engineering - Substructure Design
• Bridge Engineering Automated Vehicle Application
• Bridge Engineering Handbook - Construction and Maintenance (2nd Edition)
• Bridge Engineering Handbook - Seismic Design (2nd Edition)
• Bridge Engineering Handbook - Substructure Design (2nd Edition)
• Bridge Engineering Handbook - SuperStructure Design (2nd Edition)
• Bridge Engineering Handbook
• Bridge Engineering Seismic Design
• Bridge Engineering
• bridge foundation and substructures
• Bridge Hydraulic Design
• Bridge Inspection
• Bridge Launching
• Bridge Loads
• Bridge Maintenance Safety Management and Life Extension
• Bridge Maintenance, Safety Management, Health Monitoring and Informatics
• Bridge Management (2nd Edition)
• Bridge Management - Inspection, Maintenance, Assessment and Repair
• Bridge Planning and Design Manual
• Bridge Planning and Design
• Bridge Railing Manual
• Bridge Rating
• Bridge Rehabilitation
• Bridge Repair Manual
• Bridge Seismic Design
• Bridge Standards and Procedure Manual
• Bridge Standards and Procedure Manuals
• Bridge Substructure and Foundation Design
• Bridge Superstructure Design
• Bridges - The Science and art of the World's Most Inspiring Structures
• Bridges Aesthetics and Design
• Bridges and Highways - Rehabilitation and Repair
• Bridges for High Speed Railways
• Bridging the Dutch Landscape
• Building Failures - Diagnosis and Avoidance
• Cable Stayed Bridges
• Cable Supported Bridges - Concept and Design (1st Edition)
• Cable Supported Bridges - Concept and Design (2nd Edition)
• Cable Supported Bridges
• Cable-Stayed Bridges - Theory and Design (2nd Edition)
• Calibration of Load Factors for LFRD Bridge Evaluation
• Christian Menn-Prestressed Concrete Bridges
• Combined Seismic Plus Live Load Analysis of Highway Bridges
• Composite Bridge Design for Small and Medium Spans
• Computational Analysis and Design of Bridge Structures
• Concrete Box-Girder Bridges
• Concrete Bridge Designer’s Manual
• Concrete Bridge Engineering
• Concrete Bridge Practice - Analysis, Design and Enonomics
• Concrete Bridges,Design and Construction
• Construction and Design of Prestressed Concrete Segmental Bridges
• Countermeasures to Protect Bridge Abutments fromScour
• Curtain Walls
• Curved Girder Bridge
• Damage Detection and Repair Methods for GFRP Bridge Deck
• Design Aids of NU I Girders Bridges
• Design and Consctruction Guidlines for Geosynthetic - Reinforced Soil Bridge Abutments with Flexible Facing
• Design Guide Economic and Durable Design of Composite Bridges withI ntegral Abutments
• Design Guide for Composite Highway Bridges
• Design Guide for Steel Railway Bridges
• Design of a Reinforced Concrete Deck-Girder Bridge to AASHTO & ACI Codes
• Design of Concrete Box Girder Bridge
• Design of Highway Bridges - An LRFD Approach
• Design of Highway Bridges
• Design of Main Girder
• Design of modern highrise reinforced concrete structures
• Design of Modern Highway Bridges
• Design of Modern Steel Highway Bridges
• Design of Modern Steel Railway bridges
• Design of Precast Piers for Rapid Bridge Construction in Seismic Region
• Design of Steel and Steel-Concrete Composite Bridges
• Design-Guide-for-Composite-Highway-Bridges
• Discover Bridge Over Missouri River
• Durable Bonded PT Concrete Bridges, Concrete Society
• Dynamics of Bridges (Volume 5)
• Dynamics of Railway Bridges
• Economical Bridge Solutions Based on Innovative Composite Dowels and Integrated Abutments
• Effect of Voids In Grouted Post-Tensioned Concrete Bridge Construction (Vol-1)
• Effect of Voids In Grouted Post-Tensioned Concrete Bridge Construction (Vol-2)
• Elaborate Simulation and Prediction of Seismic
• Elplanation of Excessive Long Time Deflections of Collapsed Record Span Box Girder Bridges
• Emerging Applications of High Performance Steel and Ultra SOund Impact Treatment
• Epoxy Coated Rebar Bridge Decks - Expected Service Life
• Esthetics in Concrete Bridge Design
• Evaluation of Bridge Scour Reseach - Pier Scour Processes and Predictions
• External Prestressing in Bridges
• Failed Bridges - Case Studies, Causes and Consequences
• Fatigue Life of Riveted Steel Bridges
• Finite Element Analysis And Design of Steel And Steel Concrete Composite Bridges
• Finite Element Analysis Of Externally Prestressed Segmental Bridges
• Footbridges - Construction, Design, History
• Grillage Analogy in Bridge Deck Analysis
• Guidance Notes on Best Practice in Steel Bridge Construction
• Guide Lines for Bridge Design
• Guide Specifications for Design and Consctruction of Segmental Concrete Bridges
• Gusset Plate Screening and Analysis on the Hawk Falls Bridge
• Handbook of International Bridge Engineering
• Health Monitoring of Precast Bridge Deck Panels Reinforced with Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) Bars
• Heat Straightening Repair of Damaged Steel Bridge Girders - Fatigue and Fracture Performance
• High Skew Link Slab Bridge System with Deck Sliding over Backwall or Backwall Sliding over Abutments
• High Skew Link Slab Bridge System
• Historic Bridges - Evaluation, Preservation, and Management
• History of the Modern Suspension Bridge
• Horizontal Curved Steel Box Girder Bridge
• ICE Manual of Bridge Engineering (2nd Edition)
• IDAHO Bridge Inspection Coding Guide
• Improced Corrosion-Resistant Steel for Highway Bridge Consctuction
• Improved Live Load Deflection Criteria for Steel Bridges
• Initial Investigation of Reinforced Concrete Filled Tubes for Bridge Foundation
• Innovations in Bridge Engineering Technology
• Integral and Semi-Integral Bridges
• Integral Concrete Bridges to Eurocode 2
• Intergral Bridges
• Lessons learned from the bridge collapse in Palau
• Load Rating of Complex Bridges
• Low Cost Steel Bridge Pile Inspection Technology
• LRFD Bridge Construction Spectifications
• LRFD Design Example for Steel girder superertructure bridge
• Manual for Bridge Evaluation (2nd Edition)
• Manual for Design, Construction and Maintenance of Orthotropic Steel Deck Bridges
• Masonry Arch Bridges
• Methodological Guide to Eurocode 2 - Application to Concrete Highway Bridges
• Modern Prestressed Concrete Highway Bridge Superstructures
• Monitoring Steel Girder Stability
• Motion Based Design of Cable-Stayed Bridges
• Movable Bridge Engineering
• Performance Load Testing and Structural Adequacy
• Performance of Concrete Segmental And Cable-Stayed Bridges in Europe
• Pier and Contraction Scour in Cohensive Soils
• Plate Buckling in Bridges and Other Structures
• Precast concrete bridges
• Precast Prestressed Concrete Horizontally Curved Bridge Beams
• Precast Segmental Box Girder Bridge Manual
• Precision Estimates of AASHTO T148 - Measuring Length of Drilled Concrete Cores
• Preliminary Design of Bridges for Architects and Engineers
• Prestressed Concrete Bridges
• Prestressed Concrete, Design and Construction
• Prestressed Steel Bridges, Theory and Design
• Primer for the Inspection and Strength Evaluation of Suspension Bridge Cables
• Rapidly Constructible Large-Bar Precast Bridge-Bent Seismic Connection
• Recent Advances in Bridge Engineering
• Recent Developments in Bridge Engineering
• Repair and Rehabilitation of Bridge Components Containing Epoxy - Coated Reinforcement
• Retrofit of Rectangular Bridge Column Using CFRP Wrapping
• Safety of Historical Stone Arch Bridges
• Scale Laboratory Observations of Wave Forces on a Highway Bridge Superstructure
• SCDOT - Bridge Design Manual
• SCI P154 Design of Steel Bridges for Durability
• Scour at Contracted Bridges
• Seismic Damage of Bridges in Earthquake
• Seismic Design Aids for Nonlinear Pushover Analysis of Reinforced Concrete and Steel Bridges
• Seismic design of steel building accordance to Eurocode 3 and 8
• Seismic Rectrofitting Guidlines for Complex Steel Truss Highway Bridges
• Seismic Retrofitting Guidelines For Complex Steel Truss Highway Bridges
• Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) for Prestressed Bridge Girders
• Self Compacting Concrete in Bridge Construction
• Simplifying Bridge Expansion Joint Design and Maintenance
• Standard Plan for Timber Bridge Superstructures
• Steel Bridge Bearing Design and Detailing Guidelines
• Steel Bridge Bearing Selection and Design Guide
• Steel Bridge Construction - Myths & Realities
• Steel bridges - A practical Approach to Design for Efficient Fabrication and Construction British Constructional Site
• Steel Bridges
• Steel Concrete Composite Bridge
• Steel Girder Superstructure Bridge
• Stress Ribbon and Cable-Supported Pedestrian Bridges
• The Brooklyn Bridge
• The design of Modern Steel Bridges
• The Design of Prestressed Concrete Bridges
• The Institution of Structural Engineers-Operation and Maintenance of Bridge Access Gantries and Runways (2nd Edition)
• The Messina Strait Bridge
• Theory and Design of Bridges
• Theory of Bridge Aerodynamics
• Timber Bridges-Design, Construction, Inspection, and Maintenance
• Urban Flyovers Structure, Architecture, Sustainability
• Use of Fiber Reinforced Polymers in Bridge Construction
• Wind Resistant Design of Bridges in Japan

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Structural Steel Books
Manuals, Specification Handbooks for Design and Construction of Steel Structures

• A Comendium of Steel References for the Design Office
• Advancces in Steel Structures
• Advanced Analysis And Design of Spatial Structures
• Advanced Analysis and Design of Steel Frames
• Advanced Steel Structures - Fire and Fatigue Design
• Advances in Steel Structures
• AISC Design Examples v14
• AISC Design Examples
• AISC NISD Detailing for Steel Construction (2nd Edition)
• AISC Steel Construction Manual
• Analysis and design of plated structures
• Anchor Bolt Design
• anchorage strength and behavior of headed bars in
• Applied Plastic Design In Steel
• Applied Structural Steel Design
• Architects Guide to Stainless Steel
• ASCE 48-11 Steel Transmission Pole Structures
• Assessment and Refurbishment of Steel Structures
• Assessment of Existing Steel Structures
• Australian Steel Detailers Handbook
• Base Plate and Anchor Rod Design
• Best Practices in Steel - Industrial Buildings
• Best Practices in Steel - Residential
• Best Practices in Steel Construction - Commercial Building
• Blast and Progressive Collapse
• BSI Erection Manual
• Buckling of Steel Shells European Recommendations
• Builders Guide Residential Steel Floors
• Building with Steel - Details Principles Examples
• Calculation of the Fire Resestance of Centrally Loaded Composite Steel-Concrete Columns Exposed to the Standard Fire
• Cold Form Steel in Residential Construction
• Cold-Formed Steel Design
• Cold-Formed Steel Structures to the AISI Specification
• Cold-Formed Steel Structures
• Coled Formed Steel Design
• Commentary and Worked Examples to EN 1993-1-1 (Material Toughness and Through Thickness Properties)
• Commentary and Worked Examples to EN 1993-1-5 (Plated Structural Elements)
• Commentary and Worked Examples to EN 1993-1-5 Plated structural elements
• Comparison of the Design of a Portal frame
• Composite Construction
• Composite Slabs and Beams using Steel Decking; Best Practice for Design and Construction (Revised Edition)
• Composite Structures of Steel and Concrete (Volume 1)
• Composite Structures of Steel and Concrete - Beams, Slabs, Columns, and Frames for Buildings (3rd Edition)
• Composite Truss Example
• Connection Design
• Connections in Steel 6 (Proceedings of the Sixth International Workshop)
• Connections in Steel
• Construction Management of Steel Construction - Sheduling Estimating Modules
• Construction Management of Steel Construction
• Construction Métallique (Volume 10)
• Continental Steel
• Cost Effective Steel Bridge Design
• Courtyard Canopy Design
• Deck Design Guide by SDI Steel Deck Institute
• Design and Construction of Roofs of StainlessS teel Sheet
• Design for Construction
• Design guide for SHS concrete filled columns
• Design guide for Wind loads on Unclad Framed Building Structures During Construction
• Design Manual on the European Recommendations for the Fire Safety of Steel Structures
• Design of 5m Steel Framed Houses
• Design of Beam Column
• Design of Composite Slabs and Beams with Steel Decking
• Design of Corriguteed Sheet
• Design of Curved Steel
• Design of FRP and Steel Plated RC Structures
• Design of Hydraulic Steel Structures
• Design of Members Subject to Combined Bending
• Design of Portal Frame Buildings
• Design of Retractable Steel Dome
• Design of Semi-Continuous Braced Frames
• Design of SHS Welded Joints
• Design of Single Span Portal Frames to BS 5950
• Design of Steel Buildings without Fire Protection
• Design of Steel Portal Frames for Europe
• Design of Steel Structures (3rd Edition)
• Design of Steel Structures - Eutocode 3 General Rules and Rules for Building
• Design of steel structures - Joints
• Design of Steel Structures I (Web Course)
• Design of Steel Structures II (Web Course)
• Design of Steel Structures
• Design of Structural Connections to Eurocode 3
• Design of Structures with Steel Roof Trusses
• Design of Tension Members
• Design Rules for Lateral Torsional Buckling of Channel Section
• Design Steel Your Way II = Efficient Analysis for Steel Design using the 2005 AISC Specification
• Design with Structural Steel - A Guide for Architects (2nd Edition)
• Designing Complex Systems
• Designing Steel Structures for Fire Safety
• Detailing for Steel Costruction (2nd Edition)
• Ductility of Seismic Resistant Steel Structures
• Earth Resistant Steel Structures
• EC2 and BS8110 Compared
• Engineering Structural Welding
• ESAB Glossary of Technical Terms
• ESDEP Course Master Steel
• Eurocode 3-Worked Examples For The Design of Steel Structures
• European Recommendations for Bolted Connections with Injection Bolts
• European Recommendations for Sound Insulation in Multi-Storey Buildings
• European Recommendations for the Design of Longitunally Stiffened Webs and of Stiffened Compression
• Example Elastic Design of A Single Bay Portal Frame Made of Fabricated Profile
• Extended End-Plate Moment Connections Seismic and Wind Applications
• Fabrication and Welding Engineering
• Fact for Steel Buildings - Earthquakes and Seismic Design
• Fatigue Design of Steel And Composite Structures
• Fatigue Life Analyses of Welded Structures
• Fire Design of Steel Structures
• Fire Resistance
• Guidance Notes on Best Practice in Steel Bridges
• Guide to Design Criteria for Bolted and Riveted Joints
• Guide to Stability Design Criteria for Metal Structures
• Guide to the Major Amendments in BS5950
• Gulde for the Design and Construction of Mill Buildings
• Hancock Cold-Formed Steel Structures to the AISI Specification
• Handbook of strcutural steel Connection Design and Detail_Akbar R Tamboli
• Handbook of Structural Engineering
• Handbook Of Structural Steel Connection Design And Details
• HandBook of Structural SteelWork (3rd Edition)
• Handbook of Structural Steelwork (4th Edition)
• High Strength Bolting
• Hollow Section Joint
• Hollow Structural Sections, Connections and Trusses
• Hybrid Wood and Steel Detailing Guide
• Influence of joint eccentricity and rigidity on the load capacity of a space truss sub-assemblage
• Inspection for Steel Structure at Fabrication Plant
• Instructor Solutions-Steel Design (5th Edition)
• International Colloquium Stability and Ductility of Steel Structures V1
• International Colloquium Stability and Ductility of Steel Structures V2
• Introduction to the Economic of Structural Steelwork
• Joints in Steel Construction - Composite Connections
• Joints in Steel Construction - Moment
• Joints in Steel Construction - Simple Connections
• Joints in Steel Construction- Composite
• l Steel Section Tables
• Lack of Fit in Steel Structures
• Lateral Load Distribution for Steel Beams Supporting and FRP Panel
• Lateral Torsional Buckling of I-beams
• Law Rise Building System
• Lifetime Estimation of Welded Joints
• Light-Weight Steel and Aluminium Structures
• Lightweight Steel Framing Architectural Design Guide
• Limit State Design of Structural Steelwork (2nd Edition)
• Limit State of the Plate Element of Steel Structures
• Limit States Design in Structural Steel (7th Edition)
• Loads on Industrial Buildings
• Low Rise Office Building Design Aid
• Low-RiseResidentialConstructionDetails
• LRFD Steel Design Example Problems Handout
• LRFD Steel Girder SuperStructure Design Example
• Manual for the Design of Steelwork Building Structures to Eurocode 3 October 2010
• Manual of Steel Construction Load and Resistance Factor Design
• Manual on Stabily of Steel-Structures
• Metal Building Systems
• Method Statement for Installation of Steel Structure
• Moment and Reactions for Recatangular Plates
• Multifunctional Metallic Hollow Sphere Structures
• National Structural Steelwork Specification
• Pedestal, Base Plate and Anchor Bolt Design
• Performance Based Design of Structural Steel for Fire Conditions
• Plastic Analysis and Design of Steel Structures
• Plastic Design to BS 5950
• Plates - Steel Structure Design
• Portal Frame - Eves Moment Connection
• Preliminary European Recommendations for Sandwich Panels part I-Design
• Recommendations for Seismic Design of Hybrid Coupled Walls
• Recommendations for the Fatigue Design of Steel Structures
• Residual Stress Effects on Fatigue and Fracture Testing and Incorporation of Results Into Design
• Rules of Thumb for Steel Design
• SCI P201 HandBook of Structural Steel Work (4th Edition)
• SCI P202 Steelwork Design Guide to BS-5950-1 (7th Edition)
• SCI P213 Joints In Steel Construction - Composite Connection
• SHS Design to BS 5950 Part 1
• SHS Joints Worked Example
• SHS welding
• SISC Steel Office Building Design Case Study
• Solutions to Design of Weldments
• Specification for Structural Steel Buildings
• Stability Design of Steel Buildings
• Stability Problems of Steel Structures
• Stailnless Steels for Design Engineers
• Stainless Steels - Properties, How to Weld Them, Where to Use Them
• Steel Bridge Bearing Design And Detailing Guidelines
• Steel Bridge Bearing Selection and Design Guide
• Steel Bridge Construction - Myths and Realities
• Steel Building Design Worked Examples For Students In Accordance With Eurocodes And The Uk National Annexes
• Steel Buildings in Europe - Multi Storey buildings
• Steel Buildings in Europe - Single Storey Steel Buildings (Moment Connections)
• Steel Buildings in Europe - Single Storey Steel Buildings (Simple Connections)
• Steel Buildings
• Steel Calculation
• Steel Design (4th Edition) by William T Segui Solution Manual
• Steel Design (5th Edition) by William T Segui
• Steel Design by William T Segui
• Steel Design Example
• Steel Design Examples
• Steel Design Vol 1 - EL-Sayed Bahaa Machaly
• Steel Design Vol 2 - EL-Sayed Bahaa Machaly
• Steel Design Vol 3 - EL-Sayed Bahaa Machaly
• Steel Design
• Steel Designers Handbook
• Steel Designers Manual (5th Edition)
• Steel Designers Manual (6th Edition)
• Steel Designers Manual
• Steel Detailers Manual
• Steel Detailingbin CAD Format
• Steel Frame Design
• Steel Heat Treatment Metallurgy and Technologies
• Steel in Multi-Storey Residential Buildings
• Steel Members Design
• Steel Penstocks (2nd Edition)
• Steel Plated Structures
• Steel shear Wall Design
• Steel Space Frames
• Steel Structure Engineering & Design
• Steel Structures - Behavior and LRFD
• Steel Structures - Design and Behavior
• Steel Structures - Practical Design Studies
• Steel Structures Design and Behavior (5th Edition)
• Steel Structures Design using FEM
• Steel Structures Design
• Steel Structures in Seismic Zone
• Steel Structures
• Steel Studs - Technical Informations
• Steel Tips - Design of Reduced Beam Section (RBS) Moment Frame Connection
• Steel Tips - Seismic Design of Bolted Steel Moment-Resisting Frames
• Steel Work Connections
• Steel work design guide to BS5950-1 2000
• Steels Microstructure and Properties
• Steelwork Corrosion Control
• Steelwork Design Guide to BS 5950 Part 1-1990 (Worked Examples)
• Steelwork Design Guide to BS 5950-1 2000 (6th Edition)
• Steelwork Design Guide to BS5950-1 2000 (7th Edition)
• Structural Analysis and Design of Tall Buildings Steel and Composite Construction
• Structural Calculations with MasterSeries 1
• Structural Canlulations with MasterSeries 2
• Structural Design of Steel Work
• Structural Design og Ground Canopy Structural
• Structural Members and Frames
• Structural Stability of Steel Concepts and Applications for Structural Engineers
• Structural Steel Design & Construction
• Structural Steel Design (5th Edition)
• Structural Steel Design - A Practice Oriented Approach
• Structural Steel Design by Joseph E Bowles
• Structural Steel Design Solved Examples
• Structural Steel Designer's Handbook
• Structural Steel Sections
• Structural Steel Work Connections
• Structural Steel Work Design to BS5950 (2nd Edition)
• Structural Steelwork - Design to Limit State Theory
• Structural Steelwork Analysis and Design
• Structural Steelwork Connections
• Structural Steelwork
• Structural Steelworks Analysis and Design
• Structural Theory
• Structural Welding Code Reinforcing Steel
• Structure Steel Design Bowles
• Submerged Arc Welding
• The Behavior and Design of Steel Structures to EC3 (4th Edition)
• The Structural Use of Steelwork in Building
• Theory and Problems of Structural Steel Design (Load Resistance Factor Method)
• Thumbs.db
• Tubular Space Trusses With Simple and Reinforced End Flattened Nodes an Overview And Experiments
• Weld Design - Theory and Practice
• Weld Joint
• Welded Design - Theory and Practice
• Welded Joint Design
• Welding Basics
• Welding
• Wood, Concrete, Stone, and Steel Minnesota's Historic Bridges
• AISC Manual of Steel Construction 13th Edition
• Anchor Bolt Design
• CIDECT Publications for Hollow Section Connection
• Construction with Hollow Steel Section
• Design of Steel Strctures
• Main Gate of Steel Design
• SCI Publications
• Steel Designers Manual - 7th Edition
• Steel Institute Publications
• Steel Members Design
• Steel Tips

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Structural Concrete Books
Concrete Design, Mixes, Admixtures, Technology, Repair

• ACI Mix Design
• ACI Detailing Notes
• Advanced Concrete Technology 1~ Constituent Materials
• Advanced Concrete Technology Concrete Properties
• Advanced Concrete Technology Constituent Materials
• Advanced Concrete Technology Processes
• Advanced Concrete Technology Testing and Quality
• Advanced Concrete Technology
• Advanced Materials and Techniques for Reinforced Concrete Structures
• Alkali Activated Cements and Concretes
• Alkali Silica Reaction
• An introduction to prestressed concrete
• Analysis and Design of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Structures
• Analysis of Concrete Structures by Fracture Mechanics
• Anchorage in Concrete Construction
• Basics of Concrete Science
• Binders for Durable and Sustainable Concrete (Modern Concrete Technology Series) by P-C AitCin
• Binders for Durable and Sustainable Concrete
• Blueprint Reading
• Bonded Cement-Based Material Overlays for the Repair, the Lining or the Strengthening of Slabs or Pavements
• Building Design and Construction Handbook
• Casting of Self Compacting Concrete
• Cathodic Protection of Steel in Concrete
• Civil Engineering Handbook - Second Edition
• CnCAA T38 - Reinforced Concrete Design Handbook
• Coated Steel Rebar for Enhanced Concrete-Steel Bond Strength and Corrosion Resistance
• Commentary_to_Eurocode
• Compaction
• Computer Modelling of Concrete Mixtures
• concrete (1)
• Concrete (2nd Edition) by Sidney Mindess, J. Francis Young, David Darwin
• Concrete - Micro-structure Properties and Materials (2006)
• Concrete - Neville's Insights and Issues
• Concrete - Nevilles Insights and Issues
• Concrete - The Sustainable Infrastructure Material for 21st Century
• Concrete Admixtures Handbook
• Concrete and Masonry Data book
• Concrete Beams with Openings - Analysis and Design
• Concrete Building Pathology
• Concrete Building Scheme Design Manual
• Concrete Building Scheme
• Concrete Delivery Time Study
• concrete design
• Concrete Engineering Construction Handbook
• Concrete Floor Slabs on Grade Subjected to Heavy Loads (2)
• Concrete Floor Slabs on Grade Subjected to Heavy Loads
• Concrete Floor Systems
• Concrete Form work System
• Concrete in Aggressive Ground - 3rd Edition
• Concrete in Coastal Structures, Richard T L Allen
• Concrete in Hot Environments (2)
• Concrete in Hot Environments
• Concrete in the Marine Environment
• Concrete in the Service of Mankind - Appropriate concrete technology
• Concrete in the Service of Mankind Appropriate concrete technology
• Concrete in Underground Works
• Concrete Industrial Ground Floors (2)
• Concrete Industrial Ground Floors
• Concrete Materials - Properties, Specifications and Testing (S. Popovics)
• Concrete Mix Design (2)
• Concrete Mix Design - Quality Control and Specification
• Concrete Mix Design
• Concrete Pavement Design Guidance Notes
• Concrete Pavement Design, Construction, and Performance
• Concrete Petrography
• Concrete Pipe Design Manual
• Concrete Pressures - Formwork
• Concrete Repair and Maintenance Illustrated, PH Emmons
• Concrete Repair Hand Book
• Concrete Repair Rehabilitation and Retrofitting II
• Concrete Repair
• Concrete Repairs Performance in service and current practice (2)
• Concrete Repairs Performance in Service and Current Practice
• Concrete Society - Draft on Assessment, design and repair of fire-damaged concrete structures
• Concrete Solutions
• Concrete Structions Protection, Repair and Rehabilitation
• Concrete Structures - Stresses and Deformations, 3rd Ed
• Concrete Structures - Stresses and Deformations
• Concrete Structures
• Concrete Technology -Theory and Practice - Shetty
• Concrete Technology
• Connections(BS CODE)
• Construction of Buildings Volume 1
• Construction of Prestressed Concrete Structures
• Contributions of Pavement Structural Layers to Rutting of Hot Mix Asphalt Pavements
• Control of Cracking in Concrete Structures
• Control of Cracking in Concrete
• Controlled Structures with Electrical and Fiber Optical Sensors
• Corrosion in reinforced concrete structures
• Corrosion Monitoring of Reinforced Concrete Structures
• Corrosion of Reinforcement in Concrete - M. Raupach - 2007
• Corrosion of Steel in Concrete (2)
• Corrosion of Steel in Concrete - Prevention, Diagnosis, Repair
• Corrosion of Steel in Concrete
• Corrosion of Steel Reinforcement in Concrete
• Crack Analysis in Structural Concrete - Theory and Applications
• Crack Analysis in Structural Concrete Theory and Applications
• Creep and Shrinkage
• Creep mechanics
• CRSI Design Handbook 2008
• Demolition and Reuse of Concrete and Masonry
• Design and Construction using Insulating Concrete Formwork
• Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures - PCA 1
• Design Applications of Raft Foundations (549 - 642)
• Design Guidance For Strengthening Concrete Structures Using FRP
• Design Guidelines for Duarablility of Bonded CFRP Repair Strengthening of Concrete Beams
• Design of anchorage in concrete
• Design of FRP and Steel Plated RC Structures - Retrofitting Beams and Slabs for Strength, Stiffness and Ductility 2004
• Design of Normal Concrete Mixes Edition 2
• Diagnosis of Deterioration In Concrete Structures - by M Walker
• Diagnosis of Deterioration in Concrete Structures
• Durability Assessment of Recycled Concrete for use in New Concrete
• Durability Design of Concrete Structures (2)
• Durability Design of Concrete Structures
• Durability Evaluation of Post Tensioned Concrete Beams
• Durability of Concrete and Cement Composites
• Durability of Concrete Structures Investigation Repair Protection
• Durable Concrete Structures CEB Design Guide
• Early Age Thermal Cracking
• Effect of adhesive stiffness and CFRP geometry on the behavior of Externally Bonded CFRP Retrofit Measures Subject to Monotonic Loads 2005
• Effect of Reinforcement on Early Age
• Effects of Formwork Surface Materials on Concrete Lateral Pressure
• Effects of Increasing the Allowable Compressive Stress at Release on the Shear Strength of Prestessed Concrete Girders
• Engineered Concrete - Mix Design and Test Methods
• Engineered concrete mix design BY Irving Kett
• Evaluation of Minimum Longitudinal Reinforcement Requirements for RC Column
• Evaluation of the Orientation of 90 and 180 Reinforcing Bar Hooks
• Evaluation, presentation and Repair of Microbial Acid-Produced Attack of Concrete
• Excellence in Concrete Construction Through Innovation
• Expansion Joints in Buildings
• Fiber in Concrete
• Fibers as Structural Element for the Reinforcement of Concrete
• Field Performance of Concrete Admixtures
• Finite Element Design of Concrete Structures
• Fire Safety and Concrete Structures
• Fly Ash in Concrete
• Formwork for Concrete Structures
• Formwork for Concrete
• Formwork
• Fracture and Size Effect in Concrete and Other Quasi brittle Materials
• Freeze Thaw Resisting Concrete - DTI Concrete Society and CIRIA C559
• FRP Composites for Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Structures
• FRP Composites
• FRP Strengthened RC structures
• Grouting Handbook
• Guidance on the Use of Macro Synthetic Fiber Reinforced Concrete
• Guide to Concrete for Housing
• Guide to Long Span Concrete Floors
• Guidebook on Non-Destructive Testing of Concrete Structures
• Guidelines for Evaluating Process Plant Buildings for External Explosions and Fires
• Handbook of Coatings for Concrete
• Handbook on Concrete Reinforcement and Detailing
• High Performance Concrete
• High Performance Fiber Reinforced Cement Composite
• High Strength Concrete - A Practical Guide
• High Strength Concrete
• High Strength Self Consolidating Concrete Girders subjected to Elevated Compressive Fiber Stresses
• Highrise Reinforced Concrete Structures
• Historic Concrete
• Hybrid Concrete Construction
• In-Plant Arch Buckling of Network Arch Bridge
• Innovation in Concrete Frame Construction 1995-2015
• Innovative_Materials_and_Techniques
• ISO Standard - Guidelines for the Simplified Design of Structural Reinforced Concrete
• IStructE - Standard Method of Detailing Structural Concrete
• Limit Analysis and Concrete Plasticity, Third Edition
• Limit Analysis and Concrete Plasticity
• Manual of Ready Mixed Concrete
• Masonry and Concrete
• Material Selection for Concrete Overlay
• Measuring, Monitoring and Modeling Concrete Properties
• Mechanical Engineers Handbook
• Mechanical Properties of Engineering Materials
• Microstructure and Properties of Hardened Concrete
• Minimum Reinforcement in Concrete Members
• Multi Scale Modeling of Structural Concrete (2)
• Multi Scale Modeling of Structural Concrete
• Nanotechnology Based system for Damage Resistant Concrete Pavements
• National Structural Concrete Specification
• Non-Destructive Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Structures; Volume 1; Deterioration Processes and Standard Test Methods
• Non-Destructive Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Structures; Volume 2; Non-Destructive Testing Methods
• Nonlinear Mechanics of Reinforced Concrete
• Numerical Modeling of Cracking
• Odqvist Mathematical Theory of Creep and Rupture.djvu
• Optimizing Cementious Content in Concrete Mixtures for Required Performance
• Owen Engineering Fracture Mechanics.djvu
• PCA Rectangular Concrete Tanks - 5th Edition
• Performance of Self Consolidation Concrete in Prestressed Girders
• Physical Properties of Concrete and Concrete Constituents
• Post Tensioned Concrete Floors Design Handbook
• Post Tensioning Tendon Installation and Grouting Manual
• Precast Concrete - Materials, Manufacture, Properties and Usage, M.Levitt
• Precast Concrete Frame Buildings
• Precast Concrete Structures by Hubert Bachmann, Alfred Steinle
• Precast Concrete Structures by Kim S Elliott
• Precast Prestressed Concrete Horizontally Curved Bridge Beams
• Preparation and Testing of Drilled Shafts with Self - Consolidating Concrete
• Prestress Manual for Inspectors
• Prestress Manual
• Prestressed Concrete Design by M.K. Hurst (1998)
• Prestressed Concrete Designer's Handbook (1998)
• Prestressed Concrete
• Principios de Ingenieria de Cimentaciones
• Procedure for Evaluating Air Entraining Admixtures for Highway Concrete
• Proceedings Milan Workshop - Fire design of concrete structures low res
• Procedures for Evaluating Corrosion - Inhibiting Admixtures for Structural Concrete
• Properties of Concrete (2)
• Properties of Concrete
• Properties of Fresh Concrete
• Protection and Repair of Reinforced Concrete
• RC Infilled Frame - RC Plane Frame Interactions for Seismic Resistance
• Refurbishment and Repair in Construction
• Reinforced Concrete (A Fundamental Approach) Edward G.Nawy
• Reinforced Concrete at Elevated Temperatures
• Reinforced Concrete Chimneys and Towers
• Reinforced Concrete Engineers Handbook
• Reinforcement
• Reinforcing Steel Data
• Repair and Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Joints State of the Art (2)
• Repair and strengthening of reinforced concrete beam-column joints state of the art
• Repair Manual for Concrete Bridge Elements
• Repair of Concrete Structures to EN 1504 - DS
• Repair of Concrete Structures to EN 1504
• Repair Protection and Waterproofing of Concrete Structures
• Repair, Protection and Waterproofing of Concrete Structures
• Residential Cellular Concrete Building
• Rubbliation of Portland Cement Concrete Pavements
• Rubblization of Portland Cement Concrete Pavements
• Seismic, Creep, and Tensile Testing of Various Epoxy Bonded Rebar Products in Hardened Concrete
• Self Compacting Concrete
• Self Curing Admixture
• Self-Compacting Concrete
• Self-Consolidating Concrete for Bridge Elements
• Self-Consolidating Concrete
• Special Concretes Workability and Mixing, P.J.M.Bartos
• Sprayed Concrete (2)
• Sprayed Concrete Technology (2)
• Sprayed Concrete Technology
• Sprayed Concrete
• Standard Method of Detailing of Structural Concrete
• Standard Method of Detailing Structural Concrete IstructE
• Standard Reinforced Concrete details
• Steel Free Hybrid Reinforcement System for Concrete Bridge Decks
• Steel-Reinforced Concrete Structures - Assessment and Repair of Corrosion
• Strengthening and Rehabilitation of Civil Infrastructures Using Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites
• Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Structures
• Structural And Stress Analysis - Dr. T. H. G. MEGSON
• Structural detailing in concrete_ A comparative study of British_ European and American codes and practices - M.Bangash (2003)
• Structural Details In Concrete
• Structural Failure and Plasticity
• Structural Grouts
• Structural Lightweight Aggregate Concrete (2)
• Structural Lightweight Aggregate Concrete
• Structural Performance of Reinforced Concrete affected by Alkali Silica Reaction
• Structural performance of reinforced concrete
• Structural Precast Concrete Handbook 2Ed
• Structural Precast Concrete Handbook 2nd Edition
• structural renovation in concrete
• Structural Renovation of Concrete
• Structural Use of Lightweight Aggregate Concrete
• Structure_and_Performance
• Strut and Tie Modeling
• Strut and Tie modelling of Reinforced Concrete Pile caps
• Sulfate Attack on Concrete
• Super - High - Strength High Performance Concrete
• Supervision of Concrete Construction Volume 1
• Supervision of Concrete Construction
• Supplementary Cementitios Materials to Enhance Durbility of Concrete Bridge Decks
• Sustainable Concrete Workshop
• Test Methods for Characterizing Aggregate Shape, Texture, and Angularity
• Testing of Concrete in Structures
• Texturing of Concrete Pavements
• The Alkali-Silica Reaction in Concrete (2)
• The Alkali-Silica Reaction in Concrete
• The art of precast concrete
• The C Range Post Tensioning-System
• The Civil Engineering Handbook
• The Concrete Technology
• The New Power in Concrete Construction
• The Repair of Concrete Structures (2)
• The Repair of Concrete Structures
• The Sulfate Attack on Concrete
• The Sustainable Use of Concrete
• Thumbs.db
• Time-dependent behavior of concrete structures (2010)
• Tolerance Manual for Precast and Prestressed Concrete Construction
• Training - Precast Concrete Design Manual
• Transfer, Development, and Splice Length for Strand Reinforcement in High-Strength Concrete
• Transmission of Prestress by Bond - Bruggeling
• Ultimate Limit State Design of Concrete Structures
• Ultrasonic Nondestructive Evaluation; Engineering and Biological Material Characterization
• Understanding the Rheology of Concrete
• Unified Theory of Concrete Structures Thomas Hsu
• Unified Theory of Concrete Structures
• Validation and Practical Procedure for Vibrational Evaluation of Tendons
• Validation of Prestressed Concrete I Beam Deflection and Camber Estimate
• Verification of Strut and Tie Method
• VSL Construction System
• Water Proofing Concrete Structure
• Workability and quality control of concrete
• Workability Test
• Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design
• Allowable Compressive Stress at Prestress Transfer
• Alternative models for creep and shrinkage
• Casting of Self Compacting Concrete
• Circular Concrete Tanks Without Prestressing
• Compression testing of Concrete
• CPCI Design Manual - 4Edition
• Design Guide Post tensioned concrete floors
• Design Of Prestressed Concrete - Arthur H. Nilson
• Design of Prestressed Concrete - by RI Gilbert
• Design of prestressed concrete structures - T.Y.Lin
• Design of Prestressed
• Detailing in Post tensioning
• Determination of Service Stresses in Pretensioned Beams
• DYWIDAG Post Tensioning Systems
• Economic long span concrete floor slabs
• Example of a post-tensioned plate for a residential high rise building
• Example of Tendon Installation
• External Post Tensioning Anchorage
• Fibre reinforced cimentous composites
• Guide to Concrete Repair
• Nonconventional Concrete Technologies
• Nonlinear Response of Post Tensioned Concrete Structure to Static and Dynamic Internal Pressure Loads
• NPTEL Prestress concrete
• Partial Pre-stressing from Theory to Practice, vol1 Survey Reports
• Pre and Post Tension Slabs
• Pre Stressed Concrete Structures
• Prestress loss
• Prestressed Concrete (774-811)
• Prestressed Concrete Analysis and Design, Fundamentals, 2nd ed
• Prestressed Concrete Bridges
• Prestressed Concrete Design
• Prestressed Concrete Handbook
• Prestressed concrete with internal or external tendons behavior and analysis
• PT Prestress Losses.pptx
• Reinforced Concrete Design, 3rd ed,Leet
• Seismic devices
• Structural Lightweight Aggregate Concrete
• The Art of Prestressing Concrete
• The C Range Post Tensioning System
• The European Guidelines for self compacting concrete

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Geotechnical Engineering Books
(Foundation Engineering, Soil Mechanics, Rock Mechanics, Geology Tunneling etc.)

• 300 Solved Problems in Soil, Rock Mechanics and Foundation Engineering
• A Collection of Frequently used Soil Parameters and Correlations
• A Designers’ Simple Guide to BS EN 1997
• A Finite Element Framework for Geotechnical Applications Based on Object-Orientated Programming
• A Short Course in Geotechnical Site Investigation
• A Structured Cam Clay Model
• Acoustic Emission - Microseismic Activity Principles, Techniques and Geotechnical Applications
• Advanced Foundation Engineering
• Advanced Geotechnical Analyses
• Advanced Soil Mechanics (Thai Language)
• Advanced Soil Mechanics 3rd Edition
• Advanced Unsaturated Soil Mechanics and Engineering - Bruce Menzies - 2007
• Advanced Unsaturated Soil Mechanics and Engineering
• Advances in Environmental Geotechnics
• An Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering
• An Introduction to Helical Foundation Systems
• An Introduction to Soil Dynamics (Theory and Applications of Transport in Porous Media)
• An introduction to soil mechanics and foundations
• Analysis and Design of Shallow and Deep Foundations
• Analysis of Beams on Elastic Foundations
• Analysis of Soil Penetration, Theoretical Background
• Anchor Bolt Design
• Applications of Computational mechanics in Geotechnical Engineering
• Applied Analysis in Geotechnics
• Applied Soil Mechanics with ABAQUS Applications
• ASCE - Subsurface Drainage for Slope Stabilization
• ASCE 20-96 - Standard Guidelines for the Design and Installation of Pile Foundations
• Assessing the Long-Term Performance of Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls
• Axial Capacity of Piles Supported on Intermediate Geomaterials
• Basic Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
• Basic Soil Mechanics - 3rd Edition
• Basic Soil Mechanics
• Basics of Foundation Design (2006 Edition)
• Basics of Foundation Design (2011 Edition)
• Basics of Foundation Design
• Basics of Retaining Wall Design - 8th Edition
• Basics of Retaining Wall Design - 9th Edition
• Basics of Retaining Wall Design By Hugh Brooks
• Bearing Capacity Analysis and Design of Highway Base Materials Reinforced with Geofabrics
• Bearing Capacity of Soil
• Behavior of Pipe Piles in Sand
• Bentonite Support Fluids In Civil Engineering
• Bifurcation Analysis in Geomechanics
• Block wall design manual
• BORED pile and pile cap design
• Boundary Element Methods for Soil-Structure Interaction
• Bridge Foundation and Substructures
• Builder's Foundation Handbook
• Calibration of Load and Resistance Factors in LRFD Foundation Design Specifications
• Calibration of Resistance Factors Needed in the LRFD Design of Drilled Shafts
• California Foundation Manual
• Canadian Foundation Engineering Manual (4th Edition)
• Case History Evaluation of the Behaviour of Drilled Shafts Under Axial and Lateral Loading
• Characterisitc of geologic Materials and Formation
• Chelating Agents for Land Decontamination Technologies
• Chemical Grouting and Soil Stabilization
• Comparison of Five Different Methods for Determining Pile Bearing Capacities
• Composite Marine Piling Design Guide
• Computational GeoMechanics
• Computational Modeling of Multiphase Geomaterial
• Computational Modeling of Multiphase Geomaterials
• Concrete Foundation for Farm Buildings
• Cone Penetration Testing - 5th Edition
• Cone Penetration Testing
• Cone Penetration Testing
• Consolidation of Soils Testing and Evaluation
• Constitutive Modeling of Geomaterials (2)
• Constitutive Modeling of Geomaterials
• Constitutive Modeling of Soils and Rocks
• Construction and Design of Cement Grouting - A Guide to Grouting in Rock Foundations
• Correlations of Soil Properties
• Craig's Soil Mechanics (7th Edition) Solutions Manual
• Craig's Soil Mechanics (7th Edition)
• Craig's Soil Mechanics (8th Edition)
• Critical State Soil Mechanics
• Cyclic Loading of Soils
• Decoding Eurocode 7
• Deep Excavation - Theory and Practice
• Deep Excavation in Clay
• Deep Excavation, Theory and Practice
• Deep Excavations - A Practical Manual
• Deep Foundation Improvements - Design Construction and Testing
• Deep Foundations on Bored and Auger Piles
• Deep Soil Stabilization Design and Construction of Lime and Lime Cement Columns
• Deep Soil Stabilization
• Deformation Analysis in Soft Ground Improvement
• Deformation Characteristics of Geomaterials
• Deformations and Damage to Buildings Adjacent to Deep Excavations in Soft Soils
• Descargar manual de Construcciones Sismorresistentes en Adobe Tecnología de Geomalla
• Design of Deep Foundations
• Design aids in soil mechanics and foundation engineering
• Design Analysis in Rock Mechanics
• Design and construction guidelines for downdrag on uncoated and bitumen-coated piles
• Design and Construction of Deep Basements Including Cut-And-Cover Structures
• Design and construction of driven pile foundation Vol I
• Design and Construction of Driven Pile Foundation
• Design and Construction of Foundations by GP Manning
• Design and Construction of Mat Foundations
• Design and Performance Verification of Ultra-High Performance Concrete Piles for Deep Foundations
• Design Application of Raft Foundations
• Design Applications of Raft Foundations
• Design Guide Helical Piles and Tension Anchors
• Design Guides for Offshore Structures
• Design Manual for excavation support using deep mixing technology
• Design of Drilled Shafts
• Design of Pile Foundation
• Design of Pile Foundations in Liquefiable Soils
• Design of piles in sand in the UK Sector of the North Sea
• Design of Shallow Foundations
• Design of Sheet Pile Cellular Structures
• Design of Small Dams (2)
• Design of Small Dams
• Design problems in soil liquefaction
• Designing with Geosynthetics (5th Edition)
• Developing Production Pile Driving Criteria from Test Pile Data
• Development of a coupled bridge pier and foundation finite element code
• Development of Load and Resistance Factor Design for Ultimate and Serviceability Limit States of Transportation Structure Foundations
• Dewatering and Groundwater Control (2)
• Dewatering and Groundwater Control
• Disturbed Soil Properties And Geotechnical Design
• Drilled Shaft Foundation Defects - Identification, Imaging, and Characterization
• Drilled Shaft In Rock Analysis And Design
• Drilled Shaft
• Drilling - The Manual of Methods, Applications, and Management
• Driven Piles are Tested Piles
• Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction
• Dynamics of Bases & Foundations
• Dynamics of Structure and Foundation - A Unified Approach - Fundamentals
• Earth Anchors (1990)
• Earth Anchors
• Earth Dam
• Earth Manual - Part 1
• Earth Pressure and Earth-Retaining Structures
• Earth Reinforcement and Soil Structure
• Earth Retention Systems Handbook
• Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering Design (2)
• Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering Design
• Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering Volume 2
• Eco and Ground Bio Engineering - The use of Vegitation to Improve Slope Stability
• Eco- and Ground Bio-Engineering - The Use of Vegetation to Improve Slope Stability
• Effects of Liquefaction on Pile Foundations
• Efficient Design of Piled Foundations for Low Rise Housing
• Elastic Analysis of Raft Foundations
• Elastic Analysis of Soil-foundation Interaction (Developments in Geotechnical Engineering), A.P.S. Selvadurai
• Elastic Analysis of Soil-Foundation Interaction
• Elastic Solutions for Soil and Rock Mechanics
• Elements of Soil Mechanics (7th Edition)
• Embankments on Organic Soils
• Engineering Policy Guidelines for Design of Earth Slopes
• Engineering Policy Guidelines For Design Of Spread Footings
• Engineering Properties of Rocks
• Environmental Soil Properties and Behaviour
• Estimating Soil Properties to Foundation Design
• Evaluation of Continuity Detail for Precast Prestressed Girders
• Evaluation of Geotechnical Design Parameters Using the Seismic Piezocone
• excavation systems planning design and safety
• Excavation Systems Planning, Design, and Safety
• Excavations and Foundations in Soft Soils
• Expansive Soils - Recent Advances in Characterization and Treatment
• Expansive Soils, Problems and Practice in Foundation and Pavement Engineering
• Experimental unsaturated soil mechani
• Field and Laboratory Performance Evaluation of Spread Footings
• Finite Element Analysis in Geotechnical Engineering Volume 1 - Theory & Application
• Finite Element Analysis in Geotechnical Engineering Volume 2 - Application
• Forensic Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering (2nd Edition)
• Formation, Evolution, and Stability ofCoastal Cliffs–Status and Trends
• Foundation Analysis and Design (3rd Edition) by Joseph E. Bowles
• Foundation Analysis and Design (5th Edition) by Joseph E. Bowles
• Foundation Analysis and Design (Powerpoint 2)
• Foundation Analysis and Design (Powerpoint)
• Foundation Analysis and Design - Joseph E. Bowles
• Foundation Analysis and Design
• Foundation Design & Construction 6th Edition
• Foundation Design - Allan Hodgkinson
• Foundation Design - Principles & Practice (2nd Edition)
• Foundation Design - Principles and Practices
• Foundation Design - Theory and Practice
• Foundation Design - Wayne C Teng
• Foundation Design and Construction (7th Edition) by M. J. Tomlinson
• Foundation Design and Construction
• Foundation Design by Wayne C. Teng
• Foundation Design Construction-M J Tomlinson
• Foundation Design for High Tension Cable Guardrails
• Foundation design for the Emirates Twin Towers Dubai
• Foundation Design Manual for Practicing Engineer By Narayan Nayak
• Foundation Design Presentation
• Foundation Design Simply Explained
• Foundation Design-Theory and Practice
• Foundation Design
• Foundation Engineering (2nd Edition)
• Foundation Engineering - 2nd Edition
• Foundation Engineering Design and Construction in Tropical Soils
• Foundation Engineering for Difficult SubsoilConditions (2nd Edition)
• Foundation Engineering for Difficult SubsoilConditions - 2nd Edition
• Foundation Engineering for Expansive Soils
• Foundation Engineering Handbook based on IBC 2006 (R. W. Day)
• Foundation Engineering Handbook - 2nd Edition - Robert W. Day
• Foundation Engineering Handbook - Robert W. Day 2
• Foundation Engineering Handbook - Robert W. Day
• Foundation Engineering Handbook by H.Y. Fang
• Foundation Engineering Handbook, 2nd Edition
• Foundation Engineering Handbook
• Foundation for Transmission Line Tower
• Foundation for Industrial Machines - Handbook for Practising Engineers
• Foundation for Transmission Line Towers
• Foundation Manual
• Foundation on Rock - 2nd Edition
• Foundation Vibration Analysis
• Foundations & Earth Structures
• Foundations in Expansive Soils
• Foundations of Engineering Geology
• Foundations, Basements and External Works
• Fundamentals of Geotechnical Engineering
• Fundamentals of Rock Mechanics
• Fundamentals of Soil Dynamics by Braja M. Das
• Fundamentals of Soil Mechanics for Sedimentary and Residual Soils
• Geomechanics of Failures
• Geomembranes and the Control of Expansive Soils in Construction
• Geostatistics for Environmental and Geotechnical Applications
• Geosynthetics in Civil Engineering
• Geotechnical Centrifuge Technology
• Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering Handbook by Robert W. Day
• Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering Handbook
• Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, Second Edition
• Geotechnical Engineering - A Practical Problem Solving Approach
• Geotechnical Engineering - Soil and Foundations Principles And Practice
• Geotechnical Engineering for Mine Waste Storage Facilities
• Geotechnical Engineering Handbook - Volumes 1-3
• Geotechnical Engineering Handbook
• Geotechnical Engineering in Residual Soils
• Geotechnical Engineering
• Geotechnical Instrumentation for Monitoring Field Performance
• Geotechnical Laboratory Measurements for Engineers
• Geotechnical Manual
• Geotechnical Slope Analysis
• Geotechnics for Building Professionals
• Geotechnics of High Water Content Materials
• Granular and Complex Materials
• Ground Anchor Systems
• Ground Anchors and Anchored Structures
• Ground and Soil Improvement
• Ground Improvement - 2nd Edition
• Ground Improvement
• Ground Motions and Soil Liquefaction During Earthquakes
• Ground Reinforcement
• Ground Vibration Engineering
• Groundwater Lowering in Construction - A Practical Guide
• Guide to In Situ Testing
• Guide to Reinforced Fill Structure and Slope Design
• Guide to Retaining wall design
• Guide to Slope Maintenance
• Guide to Soil Nail Design and Construction
• Guidelines for Analysing and Mitigating Liquefaction in California
• Guidelines for Pipe Bursting
• Guidelines for the Use of Advanced Numerical Analysis (in Geotechnical Engineering)
• Guidelines for the Use of Advanced Numerical Analysis in Geotechnical Engineering
• Guidelines for the use of Advanced Numerical Analysis
• H-Pile Design Guide
• Handbook of Geotechnical Investigation and Design Tables
• Handbook of Machine Foundations - Srinavaslu Vaidyanathan
• Handbook of Machine Foundations
• Handbook of Soil Analysis Mineralogical, Organic and Inorganic Methods
• Handbook of Tropical Residual Soils Engineering
• Handbook on Liquefaction Remediation of Reclaimed Land
• Handbook on Pile load Testing
• Helical Piles - A Practical Guide to Design and Installation
• House Foundations for the Builde and BuildingDesigner
• ICE Manual of Geotechnical Engineering
• ICE Specification for Piling and Embedded Retaining Walls - 2nd Edition
• In Situ Testing - Soil Properties Correlations
• INDOT - Geotechnical Manual
• Infrared Thermal Integrity Testing Quality Assurance Test Method to Detect Drilled Shaft Defects
• Innovations in Controlled Low-Strength Material
• Innovative Numerical Modelling in Geomechanics
• Installation Manual of Sheet Pile
• Instroduction to Unsaturated Soil Mechanics
• Internal Friction of Material
• Interpretation & use of Piezocone Test Data for Geotechnical Design - CPT Manual
• Interpretation of Laboratory and In-Situ Soil Tests
• Introduction to Rock Mechanics - 2nd Edition
• Introduction to Soft Soil Geotechnique; Content, Context and Application
• Introduction to the Mechanics of Soils Foundations
• Introduction to Tunnel Construction
• Introductory Geotechnical Engineering - An Environmental Perspective
• Investigating Composite Behavior of Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Mass
• Jet Grouting Guideline
• Laboratory Shear Strength of Soil
• Landmarks in Earth Reinforcement (Volume 2)
• Landslide Disaster Mitigation in Three Gorges Reservoir
• Landslide Risk Assessment
• Landslides Disaster Risk Reduction
• Large Scale Load Test and Data Base of Spread Footings on Sand
• Learned and Applied Soil Mechanics Out of Delft
• Lexicon in 8 Languages (Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering)
• Limit Analysis in Soil Mechanics
• Limit Equilibrium and Finite Element Analysis of Slopes
• Linear and Non Linear Numerical Analysis of Foundations
• Linear and Non-linear Numerical Analysis of Foundations
• Liquefaction of Soils During Earthquakes
• Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) for Deep Foundations
• Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) for Reliability AnalysisDesign of Piles Axial Capacity
• LRFD Design and Construction of Shallow Foundations for Highway Bridge Structures
• Manual de construcciones sismo resistentes en adobe
• Manual of Soil Laboratory Testing Vol 1
• Manual of Soil Laboratory Testing Vol 3
• Manual of Soil Laboratory Testing Volume 2 - Permeability, Shear Strength and Compressibility Tests
• Manual on Estimating Soil Properties for Foundation Design
• Mat Foundations
• Mechanics of Ballasted Rail Tracks
• Mechanised Shield Tunnelling, 2nd Edition
• Mechanized Tunnelling in Urban Areas
• Micropile Design and Construction
• Modeling of Pile Footings and Drilled Shafts for Seismic Design
• Modeling Soil Liquefaction Hazards for Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering
• Modelling of Soil-Structure Interaction
• Modelling Rock Fracturing Processes A Fracture Mechanics Approach Using FRACOD
• Modern Trends in Geomechanics
• Modification of LRFD Resistance Factors Based on Site Variability
• Mohr Circles, Stress Paths and Geotechnics
• Moments and Reactions for Rectangular Plates
• Moving the Earth - The Workbooks of Excavation
• New Austrian Tunneling Method (NATM) - Stability Analysis and Design
• New Generation Design Codes for Geotechnical Engineering Practice
• Nondestructive Testing of Deep Foundations
• Nonlinear Analysis in Soil Mechanics
• Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering by Helmut F. Schweiger
• Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering
• numerical modelling of tunnelling processes for assessment of damage to buildings
• Offshore & Nearshore Geotechnical Engineering
• Offshore Geotechnical Engineering
• Offshore Pile Design
• Offshore Soil Mechanics
• On Internal Erosion in Embankment Dams
• Optimal Design of Vertical Drains in Soft Ground
• Panhandle Residential Foundation Manual
• Performance of a Pile-Supported Embankment
• Performance of Geosynthetic-Reinforced Walls Supporting the FoundersMeadows Bridge and. Approaching Roadway Structures
• Performance of Reinforced Soil Structures
• Performance-Based Design in Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering
• Performance-Based Design in Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering; Concepts and Research
• Petrology of Sedimentary Rocks - 2nd Edition
• Physical Modelling in Geotechnics, 6th ICPMG
• Physical Modelling in Geotechnics
• Physical Soil Mechanics
• Pile Design and Construction Practice - 4th Edition
• Pile Design and Construction Practice - 5th Edition
• Pile Design and Construction Practice
• Pile Design and Construction Rules of Thumb
• Pile Design for Structural and Geotechnical Engineers
• Pile Foundation Analysis and Design - H G Poulos & E H Davis
• Pile Foundation Analysis and Design
• Pile Foundation Design & Analysis by H G Poulos and E H Devis
• Pile Foundation Design - A Student Guide
• Pile Foundation Design Calculation
• Pile Foundation Design Example
• Pile Foundation Design
• Pile Foundation
• Pile Foundationx
• Pile Foundations in Engineering Practice
• Piled Foundations in Weak Rocks
• Piled Raft Foundations for Tall Buildings
• Piling Engineering - 3rd Edition
• Piling Engineering
• Piling Handbook - Sheet Piles
• Piling Handbook
• Plasticity and Geotechnics
• Practical Advice on Foundation Design - Micropiles
• Practical Design and Inspection Guide for Helical Piles and Helical Tension Anchors
• Practical Design of Sheet Pile Bulkheads
• Practical Foundation Engineering
• Practical Handbook of Grouting Soil, Rock, and Structures
• Practical Lessons from the Loma Prieta Earthquake
• Practical Soil Dynamics - Case Studies in Earthquake and Geotechnical Engineering
• Prediction of surface settlements due to tunneling in soft ground
• Pressuremeters in Geotechnical Design
• Priciples of Soil Dynamics
• Principals of Geotechnical Engineering - 5th Edition
• Principles and Practices of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering
• Principles of Foundation Engineering - 7th Edition
• Principles of Geotechnics
• Principles of Soil Dynamics 2nd Edition
• Principles of Soil Dynamics
• Probabilistic Methods in Geotechnical Engineering
• Problem Solution Manual for Unsaturated Soil Mechanics
• Problem Solving in Soil Mechanics
• Proceedings of the 15th European Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering
• Raft Foundations Design and Analysis with a Practical Approach
• Rapid Load Testing on Piles
• Recommendations on Excavations 2nd Edition
• Recommendations on Excavations
• Reinforced Soil Engineering ( Advanced in Research and practice ) - Hoe
• Reinforced Soil Engineering - Advances in Research and Practice
• Reliability-Based Design in Geotechnical Engineering - Computations and Applications, Kok-Kwang Phoon
• Research Report on Internal Erosion in Embankment Dams
• Residential Foundations-Design Behavious and Repair by Robert Wade Brown
• Retaining and Flood Walls
• Retaining Wall Design
• Retaining Walls
• Review of Design Method for Excavations
• Risk Assessment in Geotechnical Engineering Risk Assessment
• Rock Blasting and Overbreak Control
• Rock Characterisation, Modelling and Engineering Design Methods
• Rock Failure Mechanisms Explained and Illustrated
• Rock Mass Classification, A Practical Approach in Civil Engineering
• Rock Mechanics and Engineering
• Rock mechanics In Underground Construction
• Rock Slope Engineering - Civil and Mining
• Rock Slopes - Design, Excavation, Stabilization
• Rock Stress and Its Measurement
• Rock-Socketed Shafts for Highway Structure Foundations
• Rockfill in Hydraulic Engineering
• Seepage Course Notes by Prof. Duncan
• Seepage Notes
• Seismic Analysis and Design of Bridge Abutments. Considering Sliding and Rotation
• Seismic Analysis and Design of Retaining walls and Buried Structures, Slopes
• Seismic Analysis and Design of Retaining Walls, Buried Structures, Slopes, and Embankments
• Seismic Behaviour of Micropiles
• Seismic Design and Retrofit Detailing Fundamentals
• Settlement Analysis
• Shallow Foundations - Bearing Capacity and Settlement, Second Edition
• Shallow Foundations by Robert Kimmerling
• Sheel Piling Handbook-Design
• Sheet Piling Design by Pile Buck
• Sheet Piling Handbook
• Single Piles and Pile Groups Under Lateral Loading 2nd Edition
• Single Piles and Pile Groups Under Lateral Loading
• Six-Minute Solutions for Civil PE Exam Geotechnical Problems
• Slope Stability Analysis and Stabilization-New Methods and Insight, YM Cheng
• Slope Stability Analysis by the Limit Equilibrium Method
• Slope Stability and Erosion Control - Ecotechnological Solutions
• Slope Stability and Erosion Control; Ecotechnological Solutions
• Slope Stability and Stabilization Methods
• Small Dams - Planning, Construction and Maintenance
• Soft Clay Behaviour
• Soft Ground Improvement
• Soil and Rock Construction Materials
• Soil Behavior and Critical State Soil Mechanics by Daavid Muit Wood
• Soil Behavior and Geo Micromechanics
• Soil Behaviour - MIT Lecture Notes by Prof. Ladd
• Soil Dynamics and Machine Foundations
• Soil Dynamics And Special Design Aspects
• Soil Dynamics
• Soil Engineering - Testing, Design and Remeiation
• Soil Foundation Structure Interaction
• Soil Laboratory Manual by Braka M Das
• Soil Liquefaction
• Soil Mechanics (U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers)
• Soil Mechanics - Basic Concepts and Engineering Applications
• Soil Mechanics and Foundations - Muni Budhu - 3 ed
• Soil Mechanics and Foundations, 3rd Edition
• Soil Mechanics Book
• Soil Mechanics by Arnold Verruijt
• Soil Mechanics by Prof. John Atkinson, City University, London
• Soil Mechanics by Roberto Nova
• Soil Mechanics by T. William Lambe and Robert V Whitman
• Soil Mechanics, A One-Dimensional Introduction
• Soil Mechanics-NAVFAC
• Soil Mechanics
• Soil Mechanics; Basic Concepts And Engineering Applications
• Soil Nailing Design
• Soil Nailing
• Soil Naling and Gunting
• Soil Retaining Structures
• Soil Specimen Preparation for Laboratory Testing
• Soil Stabilization and Pavement Recycling with Self Cementing Coal Fly Ash
• Soil Stress-Strain Behavior
• soil structure interaction Extreme Loading Conditions
• Soil Structure Interaction for Deep Foundations
• Soil-Structure Interaction - The Real Behaviour Of Structure
• Soil-Structure Interaction for Deep Foundations, Excavations and Tunnels
• Soils and Foundations Handbook
• Solutions Manual to Design Analysis in Rock Mechanics
• Some Useful Numbers on the Engineering Properties of Materials
• Specification for Ground Treatment
• Specification for tunnelling Third edition
• Springer Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
• Springer Series in Geomechanics and Geo Engineering
• Stability of Slopes
• Stabilization Soil with Self Cementing Ashes
• Standard Guidelines for the Design and Installation of Pile Foundations
• State of the Art Sheet Piling Foundation Solutions and Their Applications
• State of the Practice in the Design of Tall, Stiff, and Flexible Tieback Retaining Walls
• Static and Dynamic Lateral Loading of Pile Groups
• Steel Sheet Piling Design Manual
• Strength Analysis in Geomechanics
• Strip Foundations for Houses
• Structural And Geotechnical Design of a Piled Raft For A Tall Building Founded on Granular Soil
• Structural Foundation Designers Manual
• Structural Foundation Manual for Low-Rise Buildings - M F Atkinson
• Support of Underground Excavations in Hard Rock
• Surface and Underground Excavations - Methods, Techniques and Equipment
• Technical Manual for Design and Construction of Road Tunnels
• Technical Manual for Strata
• Testing and Performance of Geosynthetics in Subsurface Drainage
• The Analysis of a Single Pile
• The Canadian System of Soil Classification
• The Design of Piled Foundations
• The Design of Vibro Replacement
• The Effect of Surcharge Loading Adjacent to Piles
• The Emergence of Unsaturated Soil Mechanics
• The Engineering of Foundations
• The Measurement of Soil Properties in the Triaxial Test
• The Mechanics of Soils and Foundations
• The Mohr Circle
• The Premixing Method
• The Response of Piles During Earthquakes
• The Rock Physics Handbook Tools for Seismic Analysis of Porous Media
• The Rock Physics Handbook
• The Sand Compaction Pile Method
• Theoretical and Numerical Unsaturated Soil Mechanics
• Theoretical Foundation Engineering
• Theoretical Manal for Pile Foundations
• Theoretical Soil Mechanics by Karl Terzaghi
• Theoretical Soil Mechanics
• Theory and Practice of Foundation Design
• Theory and Practice of Pile Foundations by Wei Dong Guo
• Theory and Practice of Pile Foundations
• Timber Pile Design and Construction Manual
• Time Effects in Rock Mechanics (Materials Modelling & computation) by N. D. Cristescu
• Tower foundation design
• Treatment for Embankment Settlement Problems
• Uncertainty and Ground Conditions - A Risk Management Approach
• Uncertainty and Ground Conditions; A Risk Management Approach
• Underground Infrastructure of Urban Areas
• Underground Work in Hard Rock Tunnelling and Mining
• Underpinning and Retention
• Underwater Embankments on Soft Soil
• Unsaturated Soil Mechanics in Engineering
• Unsaturated Soil Mechanics
• Unsaturated Soils - A Fundamental Interpretation of Soil Behavior
• Unsaturated Soils - Advances in Geo Engineering
• Vegetation for Slope Stability
• Very Soft Organic Clay Applied for Road Embankment
• Worked Examples Design of Pile Foundations
• Workshop on Tunneling Methods

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Structural Analysis and Design Books

• ​A Brief Study of Using Membrane Sheel Plate in Assigning a Slab or Wall
• A Design Guide for Footfall Induced Vibration of Structures
• A Designer's Guide to Displacement Based Design of RC Structural Walls
• A Variational Approach to Structural Analysis, David V. Wallerstein
• Above Ground Storage Tanks
• ACI Detailing Manual
• Adaptive Structures - Engineering Applications
• Advanced Method of Structural Analysis
• Advanced Methods of Structural Analysis
• Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design
• Advanced Strength and Applied Stress Analysis
• Advanced Stress and Stability Analysis
• Advanced Structural Dynamics And Active Control Of Structures
• Advances in Design Optimization.CHM
• AH Allen Reinforced Concrete Design To BS8110
• Alternate Path Method in Progressive Collapse Analysis - Variation of Dynamic and Non-Linear Load Increase Factors
• An introduction to meshfree methods and their programming
• An Introduction to Structural Optimization (2)
• An introduction to structural optimization
• Analysis and Design Elastic Beams
• Analysis and Design of Plated Structures (2)
• Analysis and Design of Plated Structures
• Analysis and Design of Tall Buildings
• Analysis and Design og Elastic Beams
• Analysis and Optimization of Prismatic and Axisymmetric Shell Structures; Theory, Practice and Software.djvu
• Analysis of Alternative Systems for a Berthing Structures
• Analysis of Composite Structures
• Analysis of Concrete Structures by Fracture Mechanics
• Analysis of Engineering Structures
• Analysis of Structural Member Systems
• Analysis, Design and Construction of Steel Space Frames (2)
• Analysis, Design and Construction of Steel Space Frames
• Analytical Methods in Anisotropic Elasticity
• Analytical Modelling of Structural Systems
• Analyzing Uncertainty in Civil Engineering
• Anchorage Zone Reinforcement for Post-Tensioned Concrete Girder
• Architectural Engineering Design
• ASCE Design of Blast-Resistant Buildings in Petrochemical Facilities (2nd Edition)
• Asymptotic Methods in the Buckling Theory of Elastic Shells
• Basic Concepts and Conventional Methods of Structural Analysis
• Basic Engineering Plasticity - An Introduction with Engineering and Manufacturing Applications
• Basic Modeling and Analysis Concepts KL Aug 2002.ppt
• Beam Structures Classical and Advanced Theories
• Behavior, Analysis and Design og Complex Wall Systems
• Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Flat Slabs
• Bendings of Surfaces and Stability of Shells
• Blast and Progressive Collapse
• Boundary Elements
• Buckling of Thin Metal Structures
• Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and PCA Notes on ACI 318-8
• Building Fire Performance Analysis
• Building Information Modeling
• Building Structures
• Building_Structures
• Calibration of the Live Load Factor in LFRD Design Guidelines
• Car Park Designers' Handbook
• Circular Storage Tanks and Silos
• Code Master - Wind Design Overview 2009 IBC - ASCE 7-05
• Communication Structures
• Composite Beam Design to Eurocode 4
• Composite Repair - Theory and Design
• Composite Slabs and Beams using Steel Decking - Best Practice for Design and Construction
• Composite Structures
• Computational Mechanics in Structural Engineering
• Computational Methods for Plasticity - Theory and Applications
• Computational Structural Engineering
• Computer Aided Design of Cable Membrane Structures
• Computer Aided Structural Analysis
• Computer Analysis and Reinforced Concrete Design of Beams
• Concise Eurocode 2
• Concrete Beams with Openings (2)
• Concrete Beams with Openings
• Concrete Building Scheme
• Concrete design to EN1992
• Confined Masonry
• Connection Design.ppt
• Contact Problems in Elasticity
• Control and Observer Design for Nonlinear Finite and Infinite Dimensional Systems
• CPCI Design Manual - 4th Ed, Canadian Precast & Concrete Institue
• Cranes
• Cullen 2008 CDlowres
• Cullen Timber Engineering Connectors
• DamperDesignGuidelines-US
• Data Book for Civil Engineers - Design Handbook - EE Seelye
• Deck Design Guide
• Decoding EUROCODE 7
• Deflection Calculation in Detail
• Design Aids for Eurocode
• Design Analysis of Beams, Circular Plates and Cylindrical Tanks on Elastic Foundations
• Design and Construction Building in Value
• Design and Construction of Foundations by GP Manning
• Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures
• Design and Detailing of Movement Joints
• Design Guide - Post tensioned concrete floors
• Design Guide for Blast Resistant Structures, DJ Forbes
• Design Guide for Floor Vibration
• Design Guide for SHS Concrete Filled Columns, Corus
• Design Guidelines for Connections of Precast Structures under Seismic Action
• Design Handbook for RC Elements
• Design Loading for Deeply Buried Box Culverts
• Design notes for seismic design of building accordance to Eurocode 8
• Design of a Reinforced Concrete Deck-Girder Bridge to AASHTO & ACI Codes
• Design of Anchor Reinforcement
• Design of Blast Resistant Buildings in Petrochemical Facilities
• Design of Buildings for Wind- A Guide for ASCE 7-10 Standard Users and Designers of Special Structures_ 2nd Edition
• Design of Composite Beams using Precast Concrete Slabs
• Design of Concrete Buildings for Earthquake and Wind Forces - UBC 1997
• Design of Concrete Structures - 14th Edition
• Design Of Concrete Structures - Prof. Dhrubajyoti Sen
• Design of Concrete Structures
• Design of Hydraulic Structures.pptx
• Design of Liquid - Containing Concrete Structures foe Earthquake force
• Design of Liquid Containing Concrete Structures under Earthquake Forces DLCCSEF
• Design of Marine Structures
• Design of Prestressed Concrete Flat Slabs
• Design of RC as per ACI 318
• Design of Reinforced Concrete - ACI 318-11
• Design of Reinforced Concrete Foundations by PC Varghese
• Design of Reinforced Concrete Structure - Volume 1 - DR. Mashhour A. Ghoneim
• Design of Reinforced Concrete Structure - Volume 2 - DR. Mashhour A. Ghoneim
• Design of Reinforced Concrete Structure - Volume 3 - DR. Mashhour A. Ghoneim
• Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures - M L Gambhir 2008
• Design Of Reinforced Flat Slabs To BS 8110 (CIRIA 110)
• Design of Small Dams, 1987
• Design of Structural Elements
• Design Oriented Analysis of Structures - A Unified Approach
• Design recommendation for Composite Steel Framed Building in Fire
• Design Sensitivity Analysis of Structural Systems
• Design, Production and Placement of Self-Consolidating
• Designed & Detailed - BS 8110
• Designed & Detailed to BS 8110
• Designing Floor Slabs on Grade
• Development of Nondistructive Methods for Measurement of Slab Thickness and Madulus of Rupture in Concrete Pavements
• Direct Methods for Sparse Linear Systems
• Dynamic Response
• Dynamics in the Practice of Structural Design - Sircovich Sarr
• Dynamics of Thin Walled Elastic Bodies.djvu
• Economic Concrete Frame Elements to Eurocode 2
• Economic Long Span Concrete Floor Slabs
• Elastic Stability of Solids and Structures (2)
• Elastic Stability of Solids and Structures
• Elasticity in Engineering Mechanics
• Elasticity, J. R. Barber.djvu
• Elasticity
• Elasto Plastic and Damage Analysis of Plates and Shells
• Elementary Behaviour of Composite Steel and Concrete Structural Members, Deric Oehlers, Mark A. Bradford
• Elements of the theory of structures - Jacques
• Energy Simulation in Building Design
• Equivalent Frame Analysis for Slab Design
• EuroCode 2 Commentary
• Eurocode 8 - Seismic Design of Buildings - Worked Examples
• European Design Guide for Tensile Surface Structures
• Evaluation of Longitudinal Joint Tie Bar System
• Exact Analysis of Biperiodic structures
• Exact Solution for Buckling of Structural Members
• Experiment and Calculation of Reinforced Concrete at Elevated Temperatures
• Explosion-Resistant Buildings
• Factory Pipe Rack Foundation Hand Calculation and SAP2000
• Fatigue Design of Components, Gary Marquis & J. Solin
• Fatigue of Structures and Materials
• Fatigue Testing and Analysis
• Finite Element Analysis in Beam to Beam Contact
• Finite Element for Engineers
• Finite Element Method
• Finite element modeling of the consolidation behavior of multi-column
• Fire Safety Engineering
• Flextural and Tensile Properties of Thin very High Strenth Fiber Reinfoced Concrete Panels
• Flexural Anchorage
• Floating Structures - A Guide for Design and Analysis vol 2
• Floating Structures, A Guide for Design and Analysis
• Footings
• FRACOD Manual V22
• FRP Composites for Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Structures
• Fundamentals of Structural Analysis - 3rd Edition - Solution Manual
• Fundamentals of Structural Analysis
• Fundamentals of Structural Engineering
• Fundamentals of Structural Stability
• Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Dowel Bar Evaluation
• Global Structural Analysis of Buildings
• Graded Examples in Reinforced Concrete Design dias
• Graded Examples in Reinforced Concrete Design_3
• Guide for the Design and Construction of Concrete Parking Lots
• Guide to the Design and Construction of Reinforced Concrete Flat Slabs
• Guidelines for Seismic Evaluation and Design of Petrochemical Facilities
• Handbook for Blast Resistant Design of Buildings
• Handbook of Structural Engineering
• Handbook of Thin Plate Buckling and Postbuckling
• Handbook on Concrete Reinforcement and Detailing
• Hollow Sections In Structural Applications
• How to Design Concrete Buildings to Satisfy Disproportionate Collapse Requirements
• How to Design Concrete Structures using Eurocode 2 (2)
• How to Design Concrete Structures using Eurocode 2
• Hydrostatically Loaded Structures
• interaction curves
• Introduction to Boundary Elements
• Introduction to SACS
• Inverse Problems in Vibration
• lanczos-variational
• Lateral movements in composite high-rise buildings under Seismic Action
• Limit State of Materials and Structures
• Linear & Nonlinear Structural Mechanics
• Linear and Nonlinear Finite Strip Analysis of Bridges
• Linking Models and Experiments
• Load and Resistance Factor Design By Theodore V. Galambos
• Manual for Design and Detailings of Reinforced Concrete to Code of Practice for Structural Use of Concrete
• Manual for the design of concrete building structures to Eurocode 2 (amended September 2007, March 2008, March and August 2009 and May 2010)
• Manual for the design of concrete building structures to Eurocode 2
• Manual for the design of reinforced concrete building structure 2002
• Manual for the design of reinforced concrete building structures
• Manual of Design Reinforcement Structures
• Marek+Kubik+report
• Masonry Design and Detailing
• Masonry Structural Design
• Mathematical Elasticity
• Matrix Analysis of Framed Structure
• Matrix Method
• Matrix_Structural_Analysis
• McKenzie - Examples in Structural Analysis
• Mechanics of Structural Elements
• Mechanics of Structures Variational and Computational Methods
• Mechanics_Analysis_Composite_Materials
• Methods of Structural Analysis
• Modal Analysis
• Modal pushover analysis symmetric symmetric and unsymmetric plan buildings
• Modeling Complex Engineering Structures
• Modeling Complex Structures
• Modeling of Creep for Structural Analysis
• Modeling the Effects of Soil-Structure Interaction on a Tall Building Bearing on a Mat Foundation
• Modelling and Analysis of Infilled Frame Structures Under Seismic Loads
• Modern Experimental Stress Analysis (2)
• Modern Experimental Stress Analysis
• Modern Protective Structures
• Monitoring and Assessment of Structures
• Non- Destructive
• Nonlinear Analysis of Structures
• Nonlinear Structural Engineering
• Nonlinear Theory of Shallow Shells, I.I.Vorovich
• Numerical Analyses of Cable Roof Structures
• Numerical Modeling and Ecperimental Investigation of the Local Hydrology of a Porus Concrete Site
• Offshore Structures - Analysis and Design
• Parking Structure
• PCI Connections Manual (Design Guide)
• Performance Based Evaluation of Shear Walled RCC Building by Pushover Analysis
• Performance Based Seismic Evaluation of Icon Hotel in Dubai
• Performance of Lap Splices in Large Scale Column
• Performance-Based Design of Structural Steel for Fire Conditions
• Performance-Based Seismic Design Code for Buildings in Japan
• Piled Raft Foundations for Tall Buildings
• Plastic Analysis (2)
• Plastic Analysis
• Plastic Design of Frames (2)
• Plastic Design of Frames
• Plasticity - Mathematical Theory and Numerical Analysis (Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics
• Plasticity Theory
• Portal Frames.ppt
• Practical guide to structural robustness and disproportionate collapse in building
• Practical Stress Analysis in Engineering Design 3rd Ed
• Practical yield line Design (2)
• Practical Yield Line Design
• Practitioners Guide to Finite Element Modelling of Reinforced Concrete Structures
• Precast Concrete Frame Buildings - Design Guide
• Prediction camber deflection and prestress losses in prestressed concrete members
• Preliminary Design of a 20-story Reinforced Concrete Building
• Pressure Vessel Design Manual 3rd Edition
• Prestress Losses in Prestressed Bride Girders Cast with Self Consolidating Concrete
• Prestress Manual for inspectors
• Principles of Structural Design
• Principles of Structural Stability Theory (1974)
• Programming the Dynamics Analysis of Structures
• Punching Shear Calculation
• Punching Shear in Concrete Slabs
• Push Over Analysis.ppt
• Pushover Analysis
• RC Beam Column Joint
• Reanalysis of Structures
• Recommended LFRD Minimum Flextural Reinforcement Requirements
• Reinforce concrete - Chimney and Towers
• Reinforced Column Beam Joints.ppt
• Reinforced Concrete Analysis and Design - S S Ray
• Reinforced concrete analysis and design
• Reinforced Concrete Beams, Columns and Frames
• Reinforced concrete deep beams
• Reinforced Concrete Design (2)
• Reinforced concrete Design - IS 456-2000
• Reinforced concrete design - limit state - p c varghese (scanned)
• Reinforced concrete design a practical approach
• Reinforced Concrete Design by Computer
• Reinforced Concrete Design by Everard and Tanner
• Reinforced Concrete Design by Pillai & Menon
• Reinforced concrete design by Pillai and Menon
• Reinforced Concrete Design by W H MOSLEY
• Reinforced Concrete Design Handbook
• Reinforced Concrete Design in accordance to AS3600-2001
• Reinforced Concrete Design Limit State - Varghese P C
• Reinforced Concrete Design Mosley Bungey
• Reinforced Concrete Design of Tall Buildings by Bungale S. Taranath
• Reinforced Concrete Design Theory & Examples - T J MacGINLEY
• Reinforced Concrete Design Theory and Example 3ed
• Reinforced Concrete Design Theory and Examples 3Ed
• Reinforced Concrete Design To BS 8110
• Reinforced Concrete Design, 3rd ed,Leet
• Reinforced Concrete Design-Krishnaraju
• Reinforced Concrete Design
• Reinforced Concrete Mechanics and Design - James G MacGregor
• Reinforced Concrete Mechanics and Design 6th Edition by Wight MacGregor
• Reinforced Concrete Slabs by Robert Park and William L.Gamble 2000
• Reinforced Concrete Structures - Lecture Note
• Reinforced concrete structures
• Reinforcement Concrete Design with FRP Composites
• Reliability Based Structural Design
• Residential Cellular Concrete Buildings
• Residual Stress Effects on Fatigue and Fracture Testing and Incorporation of Results Into Design
• Response Spectrum.ppt
• Retrofitting Design of Building Structures
• Rreinforced Concrete
• Rules of Thumb for Steel Design
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• Sabook
• SCI Design of Composite Slabs and Beams
• SDI Manual of Construction with Steel Deck
• Seawall Design
• Seismic & Wind Design Of Concrete Buildings
• Seismic Building Systems.ppt
• Seismic Design for Buildings
• Seismic Design of Reinforced and Precast Concrete Buildings By Robert E. Englekirk
• Service Life of Corrosion Damged Reinforced Concrete Bridge Superstructure Elements
• Shear Wall Frame Interaction (2)
• Shear Wall Frame Interaction
• Shear Wall Frame
• Shear Wall Frame.ppt
• Shock, Impact and Explosion
• Shore approach 26 years performance of high quality concrete in a marine environment
• Simple Bridge Design Using Prestressed Beams
• Simplified Computations
• Simplified Design - Reinforced Concrete Buildings of Moderate Size and Height
• Simplified Live Load Distribution Factor Equations
• Simplified Shear Design of Structural COncrete Members
• Slender Column - Sway Frame - ACI 318-08 PCA Notes Design Example 11-2
• Snow and Wind Loading
• Soil–structure interaction in tall buildings by a discrete force method
• Space Grid Structures
• Spreadsheets for Concrete Design BS 8110 and EC2
• Spreadsheets in Structural Design 1995
• Stability and Optimization of Structures
• Stability of Buildings
• Stability of Structures Elastic, Inelastic, Fracture, and Damage Theories
• Stability of Structures
• Staggered Truss Framing Systems Using ETABS
• Standard Handbook of Engineering Calculations
• standard method of detailing structural concrete
• Standard Structural Design of Law Rise Residential Building in Reinforced Concrete Construction
• standard_handbook_of_engineering_calculations
• Static and Dynamic Response of a Sandsich Structure under Axial Compression
• Static and Dynamic Response
• Statically Indeterminate Structures
• Steel Strucures in Seismic Zones
• Strength Design of Anchorage to Concrete (2)
• Strength Design of Anchorage to Concrete
• Strength of Materials (Materials Science and Technologies Series)
• Stress Analysis - Theory, Tutorials and Examples
• Structur Analysis
• Structural Analysis (2)
• Structural Analysis - 6th Edition - SI units - R C Hibbeler
• Structural Analysis - Matthew L Camilleri
• Structural Analysis - R C Hibbeler
• Structural Analysis - R. C. Hibbeler
• Structural Analysis - The Analytical Method
• Structural Analysis and Design of Process Equipment
• Structural Analysis and Design of Tall Buildings Steel and Composite Construction
• Structural Analysis and Design of Tall Buildings
• Structural Analysis Book
• Structural Analysis Hibbler 6th edition
• Structural Analysis In Theory and Practice
• Structural Analysis of Historic Construction
• Structural Analysis of Polymeric Composite Materials
• Structural Analysis of Regular Multi-Storey Buildings
• Structural ANalysis System Installation
• Structural Analysis The Analytical Method
• Structural Analysis, A Unified Classical and Matrix Approach, Ghali
• Structural Analysis
• Structural and Stress Analysis (2nd Edition)
• Structural Concrete 'Finite-element analysis for limit-state design' (465-565)
• Structural Connections Precast Concrete Building
• Structural Damping - Applications in Seismic Response Modification
• Structural Design of Stainless Steel - SCI P291
• Structural Design Optimization
• Structural Detailing in Concrete - Civilax.com
• Structural Details In Concrete
• Structural Elements for Architects and Builders
• Structural Engineering Analysis and Design
• Structural Fire Design
• Structural Foundation Designers Manual
• Structural Health Monitoring with Piezoelectric Wafer Active Sensors
• Structural Health Monitoring
• Structural Impact (2)
• Structural Impact
• Structural Mechanics
• Structural Merphology
• Structural Modeling and Experimental Techniques
• Structural Optimization with Uncertainties
• Structural Optimization
• Structural Plasticity - Limit, Shakedown and Dynamic Plastic Analyses of Structures
• Structural Scheme Design Guide - Arup
• Structural Sensitivity Analysis and Optimization
• Structural Stability of Columns and Plates - N.G.R.Iyenger
• Structural System for Tall Buildings
• Structural Systems Behaviour and Design
• Structural Timber Design
• Structural-Analysis
• StructuralAnalysis.ppt
• Structural_analysis (2)
• Structural_Analysis
• Structural_Analysis_7-ed.book
• Structural_Engineers_Professio
• Structure and Fabric - Part 1 7th Ed
• Structures Subjected to Repeated Loading - R. Narayanan
• Strut and Tie Model
• Strut and Tie Modelling
• Strut-and-tie modelling of reinforced concrete pile-caps
• Stud Welding of Shear Connectors on Steel Bridges
• Study on High-rise Structure with Oblique Columns by ETABS, SAP2000, MIDASGEN and SATWE
• Tall Building Full
• Tall Building Structures (2)
• Tall Building Structures-S Taranath
• Tall Building Structures
• Tall Buildings Initiative
• Tall Buildings
• Tension Structures Form and Behavior
• The (Wood) Span Book 2004 Edition
• The ACI Dealing Certificat
• The Art of Resisting Extreme Natural Forces
• the design life of structures
• The Design of Prestressed Concrete Bridges
• The Design of Tall Buildings
• The Equivalent Frame Analysis for Reinforced Concrete Slabs
• The History of the Theory of Structures
• The Nature of Windstorm and Wind Induced Damages
• The Seismic Performance of Reinforced Concrete Frame Buildings with Masonary Infill walls
• The Stability of Elastic Equilibrium
• The Stability of the Elastic Equlibrium
• The Tall Buildings Initiative
• TheFinElementMethodpracticalcourse_muya
• Theories and Applications of Plate Analysis by Rudolph Szilard
• Theory and Analysis of Nonlinear Framed Structures
• Theory of Arched Structures
• Theory of Structures
• Theory of Structures
• The_Design of Water Retaining Structures
• Thin Plates and Shells - Theory, Analysis and Applications
• Thin-Walled Structures with Structural Imperfections
• Three Dimensional Static Analysis of Structures
• Three Dimensional Static and Dynamic Analysis of Structure
• Thumbs.db
• Tilt Up Concrete Buildings - Design Guide
• Time Effects in Concrete Structures -R.Gilbert
• Time Saving Concrete Structure - Two Way Post Tension Design
• Time Saving Design Aids - Columns
• Torsion of Circular Section
• Ultimate limit state design of concrete structures - A new approach
• Understanding Structural Analysis
• Using Spreadsheets and VBA for Teaching Civil Engineering Concepts
• Validation and Prectical Procedure for Vibration Evaluation of Tendons
• Validation of Prestressed Concrete I beam Deflection and Camber Estimates
• Verification of Strut and Tie Method
• Vibration Analysis with Matlab
• Vibration of Buildings to Wind and Earthquake Loads - T.Balendra
• Vibration of Mindlin Plates
• Vibration of Shells
• Widespan Roof Structures
• Wind and Earthquake Resistant Building
• Wind Effect on Structures
• Wind Effects on Buildings and Design of Wind Sensitive Structures
• Wind Effects on Buildings and Design of Wind-Sensitive Structures
• Wind Loading of Structures
• Wind Loading Structures
• Wind Loads for Petrochemical and Other Industrial Facilities
• Worked Example to Eurocode 2 Vol. 1
• Worked examples in EC3 and EC4
• Worked Examples for the Design of Concrete Buildings
• Worked Examples for the Design of Concrete Buildings_1
• Worked Examples to EC2
• Analysis and Design of Foundations
• Design and Construction of Concrete Masonry Building
• Design of Structures with Yeild Lines
• Structural Detailing
• Concrete DesignComplition by Eng. Khalid
• Fundamentals of Structural Mechanics
• Matrix Analysis of Structures
• Modelling of creep of Structural Analysis
• Reinforced concrete Design guide
• Reinforced concrete Design according to ACI 318-05
• Concrete detailing
• Structural Analaysis (3rd Edition)
• Structural Stress Analysis
• Structural calculations for Cold formed Building
• 200 Questions and Answers on Practical Civil Engineering Works
• A Brief Study of Using Membrane Sheel Plate in Assigning a Slab or Wall
• A Practical Equation for Elastic Modulus of Concrete
• Advanced Materials and Techniques for Reinforced Concrete Structures
• Advances in FRP Composites in Civil Engineering
• Aluminum Design Manual
• Analysis And Design Of Marine Structures
• Analysis and Design of Shear Wall
• Analysis Of Shear Wall Subjected To Lateral Load
• Analytical Modelling of Structural Systems
• ASCE 7-10 Wind Loads For Signs, Other Structures, Roof top Structures & Equipment, And Other Special Conditions
• Basic Principles of Plate Theory
• Behavior, Analysis, And Design Of Complex Wall Systems
• BIM Handbook - A Guide To Building Information Modeling For Owners, Managers, Designers, Engineers, And Contractors
• Braced Frameworks An Introduction to the Theory of Structures
• Buckling Experiments Experimental Methods in Buckling of Thin-Walled Structures (Vol 1)
• Buckling Experiments Experimental Methods in Buckling of Thin-Walled Structures (Vol 2)
• Building Engineering and Systems Design
• Building Information Modeling
• Burj Dubai Structural Systems
• Column Shortening in Tall Structures
• Comparison Of Computer Programs For Analysis Of Reinforced Slopes
• Composite Structures, Design, Safety And Innovation
• Composites For Construction - Structural Design With FRP Materials
• Computational Methods in Reinforced Concrete Structure
• Computer Aided Analysis and Design
• Computer Simulation of Ultimate Strength Degradation of Ship Structures by Corrosion and Fatigue
• Concrete Curing of Portland Cement Concrete Pavements Volume 1
• Concrete Formwork Systems
• Concrete Shear Wall Design
• Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular Structures
• Construction of Fills
• Core Structures
• Design And Analysis Of Heavily Loaded Reinforced Concrete Link Beams For Burj Dubai
• Design Of Foundations For Dynamic Loads
• Design of Liquid-containing Concrete Structures for Earthquake Forces
• Design Of Modern Highrise Reinforced Concrete Structures
• Design of Offshore Concrete Structures
• Design Of Pile Foundations Following Eurocode 7
• Design of Prestressed Concrete
• Design Of Reinforced Concrete Columns Under Centric Load According To Eurocode 2
• Design Of Reinforced Masonry Structures
• Design of Structural Elements
• Design of Timber Structures According to EC 5
• Design Table for Water-Retaining Structures
• Displacement-Based Seismic Design of Structures
• Durability Design Of Concrete Structures - Part 1 Analysis Fundamentals
• Durability Design of Concrete Structures
• Durability Of Engineering Structures
• Economic Concrete Frame Elements
• Elastic Foundations
• Elementary Theory of Elastic Plates
• Energy Theorems and Structural Analysis
• Engineers -a History Of Engineering And Structural Design
• Eurocode 2 - Design of Concrete Structures
• Eurocode 2 Worked Examples
• Eurocode 8 - Seismic Design of Buildings Worked examples
• Eurocodes Background & Applications - Structural Fire Design
• Explosion-Resistant Buildings
• Failures In Concrete Structures Span-depth Ratios For One-way Members Based On Aci 318 Deflection Limits
• Failures In Concrete Structures
• Finite Element Design of Concrete
• Finite Element Structural Analysis On An Excel Spreadsheet
• Foundation Design For The Burj Dubai – The World’s Tallest Building
• Fundamentals Of Building Construction
• Fundamentals of Reinforced Concrete Design
• Global Structural Analysis of Buildings
• Guidance for the Design of Steel-Fiber-Reinforced Concrete
• Handbook 1 - Timber Structures
• Hybrid Solutions for Tall Buildings
• ICE Manual Of Structural Design - Buildings
• Inelastic Analys of Structures
• Integrated Materials and Construction Practices for Concrete Pavement
• Introduction to Civil Engineering Systems
• Introduction to Structural Aluminium Design
• Lifetime-oriented Structural Design Concepts
• Manual For The Design Of Building Structures To Eurocode 1 And Basis Of Structural Design
• Manual For The Design Of Concrete Building Structures To Eurocode 2
• Manual For The Seismic Design Of Steel And Concrete Buildings To Eurocode 8
• Materials and Joints in Timber Structures
• Minimum Reinforcement in Concrete Members
• Modern Prestressed Concrete - Design Principles And Construction Methods
• Multi-scale Modeling of Structural Concrete
• Nonlinear Earthquake Response Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Buildings
• Nonlinear Structural Analysis For Seismic Design
• Numerical Structural Analysis
• Offshore Structure Modeling
• Optimal Structural Analysis
• Optimum Location of Shear Wall in Tall Buildings
• Performance Assessment Of Shear-Critical Reinforced Concrete Plane Frames
• Plasticity in Reinforced Concrete
• Prestressed Concrete A Fundamental Approach
• Principles of Reinforced Concrete Design
• Principles of Reinforced Concrete
• Progressive Collapse Resistance of Axially-Restrained Frame Beams
• Punching Strength of Reinforced Concrete Footings
• Pushover Analysis For Performance Based-seismic Design Of Rc Frames With Shear Walls
• Pushover Analysis Of A 19 Story Concrete Shear Wall Building
• Recommendations For The Permissible Stress Design Of Reinforced Concrete Building Structures (2)
• Recommendations For The Permissible Stress Design Of Reinforced Concrete Building Structures
• Reinforce Concrete Chimney and Towers
• Reinforced Concrete Design - 7th Edition
• Reinforced Concrete Design Theory and Examples (2nd Edition)
• Reinforced Concrete Design Theory and Examples (3rd Edition)
• Reinforced Concrete Design To BS8110
• Reinforced Concrete Design to Eurocodes Design Theory and Examples, Fourth Edition
• Reinforced Concrete Slabs – Analysis and Design
• Reliability and Optimization of Structural Systems - Assessment, Design and Life-Cycle Performance
• Shell Elements
• Simplified Design of Reinforced Concrete Buildings
• Simulation Of The Shaking Table Test Of A Seven Story Shear Wall Building
• Spar Platforms - Technology And Analysis Methods
• Stability and Optimization of Flexible Space Structures
• Staircases Structural Analysis and Design
• Static and Dynamic Buckling of Thin-Walled Plate Structures
• Statics For Dummies
• Stochastic Methods in Structural Dynamics
• Structural Concrete Theory and Design (4th Edition)
• Structural Design Guide To the AISC (LRFD) Specification for Buildings
• Structural Design in Woood
• Structural Design of Masonry
• Structural Design Of Raft Foundation
• Structural Design of Tall Building
• Structural Design Report for 3 Storey Building
• Structural Elements Design Manual Working with Eurocodes
• Structural Elements Design Manual
• Structural Engineering of Transmission Lines
• Structural Engineering Reference Manual
• Structural Foundation Designers Manual
• Structural Impact Of Construction Loads
• Structural Mechanics- Graph and Matric Method
• Structural Modeling And Analysis
• Structural Optimization With Uncertainties
• Structural Steel Drafting and Design (2nd Edition)
• Structures for Nuclear Facilities Analysis, Design, and Construction
• Structures For Nuclear Facilities
• Summation Theorems In Structural Stability
• The Analysis of Cable & Catenary Structures
• The Analysis Of Stress And Deformation
• The Boundary Element Method in Engineering
• The Construction of New Buildings Behind Historic Facades
• The History of the Theory of Structures From Arch Analysis to Computational Mechanics
• The International Handbook of FRP Composites in Civil Engineering
• The Tensioned Fabric Roof
• Theory Of Nonlinear Structural Analysis
• Theory of Plasticity and Limit Design of Plates
• Timber Research and Development Association, Institution of Structural Engineers Manual for the design of timber building structures to Eurocode 5 2007
• Tower foundation design
• UBC Checklist
• Worked Examples According to EN1993-1-3 Eurocode 3
• Worked Examples for the Design of Concrete Buildings

Structural Analysis and Design Books (Updates on 1.2.2015) | 2.19 GB​


Structural Analysis and Design Books (Updates on 4.2.2014) | 7.49 GB
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E. Video Tutorials

Structural Engineer

CSi ETABS - 87.00 GB
​Training Videos and Manuals - Tiếng Anh, tiếng Ả Rập, tiếng Việt, tiếng Đức, tiếng Tây Ban Nha v.v...


Part I
• 16 Storey Building Modeling, Analysis and Design in ETABS by Professional Eng. Mohammed Marina
• 3D Factory Structure in ETABS
• 6 Storey Building Analysis in ETABS (Complete)
• Amozeshe Etabs Bakhshe Dovam
• Analysis And Design For 11 Story Tower
• Analysis and Design with ETABS - Advanced Techniques
• Assign Rigid Diaphragm for Lightweight Sloping Slab in ETABS
• Curso - losa inclinada
• Modelos estructurales etabs 2013
• Beam Detailing Plugin for ETABS and Selection and Table Set For ETABS Models
• Building Modeling with ETABS 2013
• CSI Public Learning in ETABS
• Calculate Dynamic and Static Base Shear using ETABS
• Cantilevered Steel Truss Design in ETABS
• Complete Example of Design RC Structure in ETABS 2013
• Complete Guide for Modelling and Analysis of Tower Project in ETABS
• Correcting Mistakes in ETABS

Part II
• Design and seismic analysis using the program ETABS 2013
• Design of 5 Storey Building (Diseño de 5 pisos del edificio)
• Design of Tall Buildings
• Difference between Shell and Membrane
• Discussion of ETABS 2015 Modeling Techniques with Fulll Project
• Discussion of ETABS Modeling Techniques with Fulll Project 1
• Discussion of ETABS Modeling Techniques with Fulll Project 2
• Dynamic and Seismic Analysis using ETABS
• ETABS Pofessional Training
• ETABS - Mô Hình Nhà Cao Tầng Có Lõi Thang Máy

Part III
• ETABS & SAFE Complete Training by Ali Shan (2010-Civil-UET, Lahore-Pakistan)
• ETABS & SAFE Complete Training by Ali Shan (2010-Civil-UET, Lahore-Pakistan)
• Thumb Rules
• UBC-97 Factors for Wind & Earthquake
• ETABS 2013 - Introductory Tutorial
• ETABS 2013 French Tutorial
• ETABS 2013 Professional Training
• ETABS 2013 Training

Part IV
• ETABS 2013 Tutorials by Morrison Ingenieros
• Curve Beams and Elements in ETABS 2013
• Industrial Building in ETABS 2013
• 10 Storey Building
• 4 Storey Building
• ETABS 2015 Earthquake Analysis (Static Method)
• ETABS 2015 Intermediate Tutorial
• ETABS 2015 Training
• ETABS 2015 Tutorial
• ETABS Analysis Building ADAS Damper
• ETABS Concrete Training
• ETABS Confined Masonry
• ETABS First steps using the API
• ETABS Lecture Series ( ETABS loạt bài giảng)
• Etabs Handout

Part V
• 2 Story Building Analysis with ETABS.MKV
• 3D Modling on Etabs V13.1.3
• 5 Storey Building Analysis by ETABS
• Analysis of Building with ETABS.webm
• Analysis of Wall Structure using ETABS
• Beams and Column Reinforcement According to ACI
• Calculation and Structural Design of Buildings with Basements
• Comparisons and Differences between SAP2000 and ETABS
• Concrete Structure Modeling in ETABS (Romanian)
• Curve Beams and Elements in ETABS 2013
• Design of RC Building Structure in ETABS
• Design of Ribbed Slab in ETABS
• Drawing Curved Elements in ETABS
• Drawing Using Arch. Plan Method
• Dynamic Time History Analysis in ETABS
• ETAB Learning Course
• ETABS 2013 - Seismic Design
• ETABS 2013 - Composite Design
• ETABS 2013 Wind Load Calculation
• ETABS 2013 Wind Loads
• ETABS 2015 Applications of of Seismic Standards
• ETABS 2015 Basic Overview
• ETABS 2015 Colombian Building Regulations
• Efficiencies in Steel Fabrication Process with StruM.I.S and Tekla Structures.MKV
• Response Spectrum Analysis in Etabs
• Section Design of Columns and Walls with ETABS 2015
• Seismic Analysis with ETABS 2013
• Shear Walls Modeling in ETABS
• Static Seismic Loads
• Synthetic Earthquake Generation in ETABS
• Design Course with ETABS 2015
• Response Spectrum Analysis in ETABS 2015
• Shear Wall Design in ETABS
• Solving One Way System by Multiple Methods in ETABS
• Static Analysis of the Building according to UBC97 using ETABS 2015
• Static Seismic Loads in ETABS
• Static and Dynamic Analysis of ETABS 2013
• Step by step Video of ETABS
• Structure Modelling with Curved Walls
• Truss Analysis and Design with ETABS
• Truss Design in ETABS

Part VI
• ETABS 2015 Composite Beam Design
• ETABS 2015 Modeling Example
• ETABS Basic Guidelines (Vietnamse)
• ETABS Beam Design
• ETABS Design of Curved Truss
• ETABS Integration with ADAPT
• ETABS Lecture in Arabic
• ETABS Modeling using DXF files
• ETABS Section Cuts
• ETABS Sequential Construction
• ETABS Structural Design Lecture in Arabic
• ETABS and SAFE Detailing Features
• ETABS to CSiXRevit
• ETABS v9 Tutorial by Richard Chavez
• ETABS-Modeling of Stair
• Etabs E-Learning Materials
• ETABS Spanish Complete Course
• ETABS Steel Training
• ETABS Training in Spanish (Formación ETABS)
• Diseño Automatizado de Edificaciones con ETABS
• ETABS Training in Vietnamese
• ETABS Trianing
• ETABS Tutorial (Hindi)
• ETABS Tutorials
• ETABS Tutorials in Bengali
• Tutorial 2
• ETABS Vietnamse
• ETABS-Modeling, Analysis and Design of Flat House

Part VII
• ETABS-Spiral Stair Modeling
• Export Etabs To Revit 2014
• Export Revit to ETABS
• Generating Plans for ETABS and SAP2000 using Structural CAD.WEBM
• Hotel Structure Modeling in ETABS 2013
• How to import model 3D from AutoCAD to ETABS
• Industrial Building in ETABS
• Lateral Loads in Etabs
• Learning ETABS Simple Steel Structure Modeling
• Link ETABS and SAFE (Check Punching and Deflection)
• Modeling, Analysis and Design of Reinforced Concrete Building in ETABS 2013
• Occupancy Loads using Shell Uniform Load Sets
• P-Delta Effect in ETABS
• Programming ETABS using the OAPI
• RAFT Foundation on Piles.rmvb
• Walls and Column Design with ETABS 2013
• Wind Loads in ETABS
• ETABS-Steel Truss Factory Structure
• Guide to Design Skyscraper in ETABS
• Import and Export from ETABS to Tekla Structure
• Learn ETABS 2013
• Lessons on ETABS 2013
• Manual Etabs Enero 2010
• Model and Analysis RC Building with ETABS 2015
• Modeling and Optimized Design of Steel Structures Using ETAB
• Modeling, Analysis and Design of 16 Storeys Building using ETABS
• Morrison Ingeneros - ETABS Examples
• Tips and Tricks
• Most Sensitive Issue to be Careful in ETABS 2015
• One Way Ribbed Deck Design with ETABS
• Performanced Based Analysis with ETABS
• Response Spectrum Analysis
• Response Spectrum Analysis in Etabs

• 5 Storey Building Analysis by ETABS
• Assign Moment Release in ETABS
• Beam Detailing Plugin fo ETABS and Selection and Table Set For ETABS Models [2]
• Beam Detailing Plugin for ETABS and Selection and Table Set For ETABS Models
• Beams and Column Reinforcement According to ACI
• Calculation and Structural Design of Buildings with Basements
• Column Design in ETABS
• Comparisons and Differences between SAP2000 and ETABS
• Complete Building Design with Etabs
• Concrete Structure Modeling in ETABS [Romanian]
• Design using SAFE and ETABS
• Determine the internal force in 2d truss
• Dynamic Time History Analysis in ETABS
• ETABS 2013 Wind Load
• ETABS 2015 Applications of of Seismic Standards
• ETABS 2015 Basic Overview
• ETABS 2015 Colombian Building Regulations
• ETABS 2015 Composite Beam Design
• ETABS 2015 Envelope
• ETABS 2015 Mesh Tutorial
• ETABS 2015 Modeling Example
• ETABS Basic Guidelines [Vietnamse]
• ETABS Beam solve
• ETABS Building Modeling Tutorial
• ETABS Design of Curved Truss
• ETABS Membrane vs Shell Element
• ETABS Modeling Tutorial
• ETABS Modeling of Stair
• ETABS Online Learning Basics 1
• ETABS Online Learning Basics 2
• ETABS Section Cuts
• ETABS Sequential Construction
• ETABS Training in Spanish
• ETABS to CSiXRevit
• ETABS vs Prokon - Compare Results
• ETABS vs STAAD vs Manual Earthquake Analysis
• ETABS Spiral Stair_Modeling
• Etabs - 2 Story Building Analysis
• Export Etabs To Revit 2014
• Export Model from ETABS to Revit Structure for Detailing
• High-Rise Building Analysis using ETABS
• How to Insert, Delete Stories _ add Reference Plan in ETABS 2015
• How to Model Radial Stairs in ETABS
• How to Model Stair in ETABS 2015 Easily.
• How to Model Stairs in ETABS
• How to import model 3D from AutoCAD to ETABS
• How to link from Revit to etabs 2015
• Industrial Building in ETABS
• Learning ETABS Simple Steel Structure Modeling
• Link ETABS and SAFE and Check Punching and Deflection
• Mezzanine Design with steel Beams using ETABS
• Modeling, Analysis and Design Building with ETABS 2015
• Modeling, Analysis and Design of Reinforced Concrete Building in ETABS 2013
• Modeling, Meshing Flat Slab having Drop Panel in Etabs
• Nonlinear Dynamic Time History Analysis in Etabs 2015 V15.2
• Performance Based Design in ETABS
• Primary Modelling, Analysis, Design and Detailing in ETABS 2015
• Shear Walls Modeling in ETABS
• Spiral and Simple stairs in ETABS (lesson 9)
• Static Seismic Loads
• Synthetic Earthquake Generation in ETABS
• Tutorial Etabs by Richard Chavez
• 10 Storey Building Design in ETABS
• 3D Factory Structure in ETABS
• 3D Reinforced Concrete Building with Shear Walls
• Analysis of Portal Frame Structure with ETABS
• Beam Bridge Design with ETABS
• Cantilevered Steel Truss Design in ETABS
• Check List for ETABS Model
• Computer Aided Analysis And Design of Buildings
• Design of Mat Foundation with Special Tips to Avoid Excessive Punching Shear
• Design_of_Tall_Buildings
• ETABS & SAFE Complete Training
• UBC-97 Factors for Wind & Earthquake Loads
• ETABS 2015 Example
• ETABS 2013 Training
• ETABS 2015 Dynamics
• ETABS 2015 Intermediate Tutorial
• ETABS 2015 Training
• ETABS 2015 Tutorial
• ETABS Basics
• ETABS Building Design Manual
• ETABS Confined Masonry
• ETABS First steps using the API
• ETABS Intensive Courses
• ETABS Learning Guide
• ETABS Pofessional Training
• ETABS Steel Truss Factory Structure
• ETABS Tutorials in Bengali
• ETABS Vietnamse
• ETABS Watch and Learn
• ETABS, SAFE Model Files and Structural Drawings of 75 Storey Building with Post Tension Slabs
• ETABS-Modeling, Analysis and Design of Flat House
• Example of Seismic Design of A Building With Structured Walls
• Import DXF to ETABS
• Import and Export from ETABS to Tekla Structure
• Learning ETABS 2015 Lecture Series
• ETABS Load Combinations
• Model and Analysis RC Building with ETABS 2015
• Model_Substructure,_Foundations_and_Soil_Interaction_in_ETABS
• Most Sensitive Issue to be Careful in ETABS 2015
• Response Spectrum Analysis in ETABS 2015
• Static Analysis of the Building according to UBC97 using ETABS 2015
• Steel Building Project with ETABS
• Step by step Video of ETABS
• Structural Analysis and Design Of A Tall Building with Comparison of Linear Seismic Behavior and Non linear
• Structure Analysis with ETABS Step by Step Guide
• Structure Modelling with Curved Walls
• Three Story Steel Frame Design in ETABS 2015
• Truss Design with ETABS


Part 1 Download Links - 5.63 GB:


Part 2 Download Links - 6.34 GB

Part 3 Download links - 7.36 GB

Part 4 Download links - 12.73 GB:

Part 5 Download links - 9.08 GB:

Part 6 Download links - 8.11 GB:

Part 7 Download links - 11.56 GB:

Part 8 Download links - 15.45 GB:

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CSi SAP2000
Training Videos and Manuals - 38.7 GB

Format: .mp4, .wmv, .pdf, .doc
Language: English (Some Specific Tutorials are in Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese etc...)
Download: Direct Download from Mediafire

SAP2000 Tutorials - Training Videos, Manuals and Model Files [38 GB]

Analysis and Design of 11 Storey Building using SAP2000, ETABS, CsiCol, Excel
Analysis and Design of a Building in SAP2000 (Spanish)
Analysis of Frame Structure using SAP2000
Beams Modeling
Bridge Design Course with SAP2000
Building Foundation Modelling using SAP2000
Cable Stayed Bridge with SAP2000
Circular Tank Modelling in SAP2000
Design and Analysis of Elastic Foundation in SAP2000
Design and Analysis of Slabs
Design and Analysis of Water Tank with SAP2000
Design of Elevated Water Tank in SAP2000
Design of Portico with SAP2000
Dynamic Analysis of Structures using SAP2000 (Análisis dinámico de la estructura)
Geometric Nonlinearity with Large Displacement
Getting Started with SAP2000 (Spanish)
Grillage Analysis
Ground Tank
Import CAD Files to SAP2000
Joint Constraints
Lattice Structure in SAP2000
SAP2000 v16 Training
Learn SAP2000
Learn SAP2000 in Arabic
Modeling Ofshore Structure in SAP2000
Open SAP2000 File using Any SAP2000 Version
Precast Girder Bridge
Pushover Analysis with SAP2000
SAP2000 and ETABS Dictate Courses with Innovative Video Tutorials
SAP2000 Concrete Building Design
SAP2000 Curso
SAP2000 Lectures in Arabic
Sap2000 Modeling Analysis and Design of Slabs
SAP2000 Structural Engineering by Dr. Genner Villarreal Castro
SAP2000 Training
SAP2000 Training Series ( SAP2000 video Hướng dẫn)
SAP2000 Tutorial in Turkish
SAP2000 v16 Course
Shell Element in SAP2000
Shock Isolators in SAP2000
Tension Only Bracing in SAP2000
Variable Slab Thickness
Watch and Lean Series for SAP2000
2D Elements in SAP2000
2D Frame Analysis in SAP2000
2D Frames in SAP2000
3D Frame Analysis under ULD and Point Load
3D Frame Analysis with Slabs under UDL and Point Load
3D Frames in SAP2000
3D Modeling in SAP2000
3d Modeling SAP2000
3d Modeling SAP2000
Analysis and Design of 5 Storey Building in SAP2000 (Spanish)
Analysis and Design of Cantilever Wall in SAP2000
Analysis and Design of Water Tank Using SAP2000
Analysis MAT Foundation in SAP2000
Analysis of Beam Bridge using SAP2000
Analysis of Cable Stayed Bridge in SAP2000
Analysis of Dome Structure in SAP2000
Analysis of Flat Slab with SAP2000
Analysis of Gravity Wall - Earth Retaining Structures in SAP2000
Analysis of Retaining Wall using SAP2000
Analysis of Simple Beam with Dead and Live Loads in SAP2000
Analysis of Stadium using SAP2000
Analysis of Staircase using SAP2000
Analysis Piles in SAP2000
Armed Concrete Design with SAP2000 (Spanish)
Building Structure in SAP2000 (Spanish)
Cable Stayed Bridge Design in SAP2000
Combined Footing Design by SAP2000
Combined Footing
Complete Design of Steel Building in SAP2000
Comprehensive Lesson on the Basics of SAP2000 for Beginners
Design of Composite Slab using SAP2000 (Diseño de Composite losa utilizando SAP2000)
Design of Concrete Tank with SAP2000
Design of Elevated Tank (High Tank)
Design of Elevated Water Tank using SAP2000
Design of MAT Foundation with SAP2000
Design of Piles using SAP 2000
Design of Retaining Wall in SAP2000
Design of Retaining Wall with SAP2000
Design of Steel Truss Bridge in SAP2000
Design Pile Foundation by SAP2000
Design Single Footing using SAP2000
Design Staircase in Sap2000
Design Strap Footing by SAP2000
Export SAP2000 Model to Perform3D
How to Activate SAP2000 V16 and V17
How to Analyze a Simple Beam with Dead and Live loads in SAP2000
How To Check Steel Design and Export to AutoCAD in SAP2000
How To Design Cables in SAP2000
How to Import AutoCAD DXF to SAP2000 Structural Analysis
How to Model a Hyperbolic Cooling Tower in SAP2000
Import from AutoCAD to SAP2000
Inconsistent Finite Element Mesh
Learn SAP2000 Radial Modeling
Model, Analysis and Design of Reinforced Concrete Building in SAP2000
Modeling of Building in SAP2000
Nonlinear Multilayer Shell in SAP2000
Offshore Analysis in SAP2000
Offshore Design and Analysis with SAP2000
Pile Foundation Analysis in SAP2000
Post Tension Girders in SAP2000
Prestressed Concrete Beam Design in SAP2000
Project-Analysis and design of Foundation-(Elzohairy Academy)
Pórtico Design in SAP2000
Raft and Soil-Structure Interaction
Rectangular Water Tank Analysis in SAP2000
Retaining Wall Ananysis and Design in SAP2000 by Dr.Monther
Retaining Wall Modelling in SAP2000
Ribbed Slab Design in SAP2000
SAP 2000 Continuous Concrete Beam Analysis and Design to ACI 318
SAP2000 2D Truss
SAP2000 3D Truss
SAP2000 Building Modelling Example
SAP2000 Dome Structure
SAP2000 Exercise (Vietnamese)
SAP2000 Introductory Tutorial
SAP2000 Pushover (Spanish)
SAP2000 Pushover Tutorial
SAP2000 Section Designer (SAP2000 Sec?iunea Designer)
SAP2000 Seismic Analysis
SAP2000 Tips & Tricks - Work Surface
SAP2000 Truss Lecture
SAP2000 Tutorial for Beginners (Vietnamse)
SAP2000 Verification Example 1
SAP2000 Verification Example 2
Section Designer
Shells in SAP2000
Simple Beam Analysis in SAP2000
Single Footing
Steel Fram Analysis And Design
Steel Frame Calculation in SAP2000
Strap Footing
Taylor Damper in SAP2000.exe
Tekla Structure to SAP2000
Telecommunications Tower Moding 1
Telecommunications Tower Moding 2
Temperature load in SAP2000
Tutorial 10 Edificio 4 plantas SAP 2000 v15
Wall Footing
Warren Truss Design in SAP2000
Wind Load

SAP2000 Manuals:
Analysis and Design of a Water Tank in SAP2000
Analysis Comparison of Frame Structure STAAD.Pro V8i vs SAP2000
Analysis of Tank using SAP2000
Bridge Design Course
Building Design Calculation Report with SAP2000
Confined Masonry House Design using SAP2000
Masonry Design SAP2000
Course SAP2000
Curso Sap2000
Design of Cable Stayed Bridge using SAP2000
Detail Sap Design With Manual Calculation
Model, Analysis and Design of Tall Building with SAP2000
Modeling in SAP2000
Nonlinear Static Analysis (Pushover)
SAP2000 in Vietnamese
SAP2000 Academic Training
SAP2000 Application Manual (Manual de Aplicación del Programa SAP2000 v14)
SAP2000 Bridge Model
SAP2000 Manual
SAP2000 Manual in Spanish (Manual de SAP20002000 en Español)
SAP2000 Manuals in Chinese
SAP2000 Plugin DARC Manual
SAP2000 Software Manual
SAP2000 Training Manual
Static Earthquake Evaluation of Building using SAP2000
Static Seismic Evaluation of A Building using SAP2000
Steel Roof Structure in SAP2000
Structural Analysis using SAP2000
Structural Design in SAP2000
Structural Modelling SAP2000
Structural Steel Design using SAP2000
Telecommunication Tower Modelling in SAP2000
Understanding SAP2000
3D Static and Dynamic Analysis of Structure
Advance SAP2000 - New Modelling Techniques
Analysis and Design of 3 Storey Building
Analysis and Design of Continuous RC Beam
Analysis and Design of Frame Structures using SAP2000
Analysis and design of reinforced concrete reservoir
Analysis and Design of Structures
Analysis and Sructural Design with SAP2000 (Phân tích và Thi?t k? Sructural v?i SAP2000)
Basic Operations in SAP2000- An Excersice Guide
Calculating the Base Shear of a Building
Calculation and Design of Concrete Reservoirs with Sap2000
Construction Design with SAP2000 (Desain Konstruksi Dengan SAP 2000)
CSI Analysis Reference Manual
CSI Automated Lateral Loads Manual
DABT2 tinh noi luc Sap2000 v7.42
Design and Analysis of Arches
Design and Analysis of Bridge
Design and Analysis of Bridge
Design and Analysis of Concrete Shell
Design and Analysis of Pile in Elastic Medium.rtf
Design and Analysis of Piperack
Design and Analysis of Prestressed Concrete Beam
Design and Analysis of Sprial Stair Case
Design Difference between SAP2000 and SAFE
Design of Leaf Canopy using SAP2000
Earthquake Analysis with SAP2000
Factory Pipe Rack Foundation Hand Calculation-SAP2000 GREAT GREAT GREAT
Learn SAP2000 for Steel Structure
Modeling FRP Cnfined RC Columns using SAP2000
Modeling of a Welded Connection with SAP2000
Offshore Modeling in SAP2000
Optimized Modeling and Design of Structures using SAP2000
Push Over Analysis
SAP2000 - Structures Analysis Program
SAP2000 A to Z Problems
SAP2000 A-Z Problems
SAP2000 Arabic Book
SAP2000 Basic Analysis Reference Manual
SAP2000 Beam example
SAP2000 Bookk
SAP2000 Bridge Manual
SAP2000 Concrete Design Manual
SAP2000 Database and Documentation
SAP2000 Detailed Tutorial Including Pushover Analysis
SAP2000 for Beginners (SAP2000 untuk Pemula)
SAP2000 for Beginners
SAP2000 for Biginners
SAP2000 Getting Started
SAP2000 Introduction
SAP2000 Introductory Tutorials
SAP2000 Manual in Spanish
SAP2000 Portuguese Guide
SAP2000 Programme Implementation Manual
SAP2000 Simplified Bridge Design Manual
SAP2000 Software Verification
SAP2000 Spanish Manual
SAP2000 Steel Design Manual
SAP2000 Tutorial Example Analysis and Design of Continuous RC Beam
Sap2000 Tutorial
Structural Analysis with SAP2000
Time-History Seismic Analysis with SAP2000
Tips for Developing Models in SAP2000 & ETABS
Visual Introduction to SAP2000

Part 1 Download links - 5.25 GB:

Part 2 Download links - 5.00 GB:

Part 3 Download links - 6.27 GB:

Part 4 Download links - 6.56 GB:

Part 4 Download links - 6.27 GB:

SAP2000 Tutorials - Manuals and Model Files - 1.75 GB:

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